2016 February 21 Announcements

The young mens’ Bible study will be Tuesday at Bro. Dan and Sis. Heidi Schumacher’s at 7pm and the young ladies’ at Bro. Jaye and Sis. Peg Rinkenberger’s home at the same time.

4-5 Volunteers are needed Thursday of this week to paint 2 mechanical rooms at the Fellowship Hall. The rooms (the size of large closets) need a primer and finish coat of paint before the furnaces are installed the 1st week of March. A sign-up sheet is at the message center. Contact Bro. Mark Rocke for more information.

It's time again to update our church directory. If you have any changes, please get them to Bro. Randy or Sis. Roxy Blunier. Thanks!

We will be having the reading of the memorandum letter next Sunday afternoon in place of afternoon services. Bro. Trent Meiss will be here to assist. Everyone is welcome and encouraged to be there.

Reminder- Eureka Home Auction Saturday, March 5. Bake Sale - 10a, lunch stand 10:30, Auction starts at noon.  We would like to encourage families to come - there will be activities for children that day. There is also a need for donated food items for the bake sale and new items or services for the auction. There is a signup sheet for pies at the message center. Your contributions are appreciated. Please see Sisters Lanae Wiegand or Jill Wagner if you have any questions.

The Bloomington Midwest Foodbank Gala Dinner and Auction will be Saturday, April 16th. For tickets please see Bro. Ron and Sis. Kary Wiegand, Bro. Mike and Sis. Paula Hartman, or Bro. Lee and Sis. Alice Ruegsegger.

Please be prayerful for the group traveling to Haiti later this week.  Also, please pray for Bro. Mark & Sis. Connie Rocke as they travel to Africa to support Sis. Carrie and be prayerful for Carrie as she is due to have her baby anytime.  Bro. Alan & Sis. JoAnne Roth are in Jamaica and others in our church family are traveling as well so pray for them also.

Gateway Woods Staffing Request:
Gateway Woods is currently seeking a brother or sister to serve as the Communications Coordinator. This position will allow one to use their communication and creative talents to share the stories of hope and redemption that we witness in the lives of the youth the church serves through Gateway Woods.

There is also still a need for one married couple to serve as Alternate Houseparents and a need for a sister to serve as an Assistant Houseparent.

Gateway Woods depends on the Apostolic Christian Church to fill our staffing needs. These positions are full-time paid positions, and include health insurance and a retirement savings plan. Please prayerfully consider this opportunity to serve in one of our church’s ministries to youth. If interested please contact one of the brothers below.

In Christian Love,

Chad Kaeb
Development Director
PO Box 151
Leo, IN 46765
Office: 888-443-4283

Lynn Stieglitz, Counseling Elder
15417 Doty Rd.
New Haven, IN 46774
Home: 260-657-1033
Work: 260-657-5461