2016 January 24 Announcements

The proposed fellowship hall finishes received overwhelming approval from the congregation in Sunday's vote.  The project will proceed using the displayed finishes.  The building and interior decor committees appreciate your continued support and welcome any additional input you may have.

The church Men's sing will be at Bro. Ron and Sis. Kary Wiegand’s home tonight (Monday) at 7:00.

The young group guys bible study will be at Bro. Dan and Sis. Heidi Schumacher’s home this Tuesday at 7pm.

The young ladies will be meeting at Bro. Jaye and Sis. Peg Rinkenberger’s home at the same time. Please note that this was on the young group calendar for Monday in error. It is really Tuesday.

The Silver Lining is planning a special article section featuring mothers. You are encouraged to contribute. The topic is: How has your mother influenced your walk with Christ? Please send your contributions answering that question to editor@acsilverlining.org by Feb. 20, 2016. For Questions or Assistance: Contact Katy Frantz at frantz.katy@gmail.com Please consider helping make this upcoming section of the Silver Lining be a blessing to mothers and the entire brotherhood.

Apostolic Christian HarvestCall is eager to announce a Winter Rebuilding Ministry in Bastrop County, Texas. Two floods – one in May and another in October - caused severe damage to hundreds of homes. A wildfire in mid-October destroyed approximately 65 homes. Many families have been displaced by these disasters and are in need of help to repair and rebuild their homes and lives.  Thirty volunteers are needed each week starting Feb. 7 and continuing through April 30th. Please consider giving of your time and talents to minister to those in need.  Bro. Barry & Sis. Joyce Kloter will be traveling to Texas for the three months and our prayers go with them.
• Skilled tradesmen and unskilled workers are needed, as are those with an interest in sharing their faith with those we serve.
• Get additional information and register at www.harvestcall.org

The group of our brothers, sisters and friends that is traveling to Zambia, Africa did arrive safely at Erik & Carrie’s.  Lord willing they plan to return on February 1st so please keep them in your prayers.

You will be receiving (or have received) the ballots for Sunday School teachers and Trustees sometime this week. Please prayerfully consider this. Bro. Jeff would like to have them back by the end of January.   There were a few errors on the member list that was sent out with the ballots. Please forgive us for these mistakes.  Listed below are the names that were incorrect.  If you would like to view (or print) a new list with all the revisions, please click-here.  Thanks for your patience!

These members ARE eligible to be voted in as Sunday School teachers since their spouses are outgoing teachers this year:
Stacie Bauman
Emily Sauder
Heidi Schumacher
Kayla Wiegand
Randy Berardi
Kevin Wiegand

These members ARE NOT eligible to be voted in as Sunday School teachers:
Elli Berardi - Outgoing SS Teacher
Andrea Wiegand - Sunday School Teacher
Russell Wiegand - Spouse of SS Teacher

We rejoice with Brock Wiegand as he has turned his life over to the Lord in repentance. May he feel God’s nearness and grace!  Surely there is joy in heaven today! Brock is Bro. Greg and Sis. Jenny’s son.