2016 July 3 Announcements

Our collection boxes are open this month for the Apostolic Christian Handicapped Home Timber Ridge.  Please prayerfully consider the special loved ones who are served by this facility and share accordingly.  May God bless you richly for giving to the Lord's work.

There is a great deal of information on our web site regarding funding, donating, jobs and activities. Please share this with others as appropriate http://www.achh.org/

1. Thanks for your support and the support of your church. We are humbled by the incredible support we receive in prayer and in finances.

a. We are able to witness that God is able to move the hearts of His people to give as

they are able.

2. We are grateful to be one of the national missions of the Apostolic Christian Church and are very grateful for the high level of commitment we feel from the church.

3. The State of Illinois has a new governor and it appears he may be serious about addressing the budget crisis. His initial budget proposal included very deep cuts, including some that will probably not happen because of legal challenges. Others may be necessary and sustained. The General Assembly is refusing any of his cuts so the State is in limbo.

a. As a result our need for support grows each year and the future of our funding level is uncertain.

b. We are currently paid fairly up to date but we never know when payments will stop.   We have to cover the expenses for all these months with donations, investment income and loans.

c. We are hearing of agencies facing bankruptcy and ending services. We are incredibly fortunate to have a body of believers to give us stability through this time of turmoil.

d. We have a $4 million approved loan to use when payments are delayed.

4. With the generosity of your support we have been able to support our staff with modest wage increases and to fund the retirement contribution. This was after a few years of not giving raises or of funding the retirement plan.

5. We understand there are other church supported programs and are respectful of the support given to each of them.

6. If there are questions or concerns about anything we do we invite people to inquire and ask for explanations or share concerns. We want an open and supportive relationship with the church

There are left behind dishes from the Sunday School picnic in the women's coat room.  Please check if they are yours.

Update from Bro. Gale and Sis. Jane Wiegand regarding Harold Carroll (on Sunday):  Harold is resting good this morning!  His BP is up a bit from yesterday but that's good because it was a little low. He opened his eyes when he heard my voice ....my heart is happy!!! They are going to keep him calm today so he us ready for his surgery at 730 PM tonight. They will be closing his abdomen.  They want the vac pump on his leg for one more day.....so I'm sure tomorrow sometime they will do his leg. Was really hoping they could both be done at the same time.. .but baby steps! The nurse said they hope to have the vent gone in 2-3 days....praise God! Keep praying for strength and comfort for Harold.

Help is needed unloading trucks at the food pantry this Tuesday (today!) at 12:30pm.

Bro. Herman Glueck will be sharing his and Sis. Sara’s testimony of their journey with cancer Wednesday evening after shortened services.

The young group Bible Study will be this Friday at Bro. Lee and Sis. Alice Ruegsegger’s home starting at 7:30pm.

There will be singing at the Eureka Nursing home this Saturday starting at 6:45. Everyone is welcome to attend.

Kurt and Joan Plattner will be giving a presentation on Hospital Lumiere and life in Haiti on Sunday, July 10, directly following afternoon church at the Fellowship Hall.  All are invited and encouraged to attend.

It is time to stock the new and improved fellowship hall with fun for our kids! We are asking for excellent condition toys (or new) to be donated in addition to your pledge. Please bring the toys to the labeled totes at the church entrances or get to Sis. Jennifer Stoller in the next 2 weeks! Thanks so much for your willingness to create fun for our kids.  Any questions, please ask Jennifer Stoller at 309-657-7918.  Click on the link to choose the toys you plan to provide or feel free to donate anything else (as long as it doesn't have small pieces for toddlers etc).  http://fellowshiphalltoys.bringit.bz/public/e88a04

Thank you for your support of our Morton Legacy Singings.  Many that could not come to the previous singings or have a conflict with when their church is coming but still wanted to attend one have asked about the remaining singings.  This email is being sent to you so you can let your congregation know that any and all are welcome to attend either of the two remaining Legacy Singings.  We have had several tell us that they plan to come to all of them and that is great too - we have plenty of benches and song books!  The dates of the final two singings and churches that have been invited are: July 17:  Bloomington, Cissna Park, Fairbury, Burlington, Bradford, Congerville, Peoria and Tremont Oct 2:  Forrest, Princeville, Chicago (This will be the final worship service in the Morton church). For those coming be sure to encourage prompt arrival that night (6:20 pm) so we can begin as close to 6:30 as possible.