2016 June 19 Announcements

It is time to start Collecting NEW or Antique Items to be donated for the Gateway Woods annual auction on August 6th. Items can be given to Bro. Craig/Sis. Marla Wiegand or Bro. Mike/Sis. Gretchen Zimmerman. Thanks for all the support from our Goodfield congregation.

There are sign-up sheets at the message center for VBS which will be held the week of August 1st thru the 5th.  We need teachers, craft help and snack help for each night. If you have any questions please see Bro. Luke Rocke.

Just a reminder that we need three men every Sunday to run the dishwasher and carry tubs of dishes.  Men….Please consider volunteering every Sunday by signing up before morning church to help with dishes.  The sign-up sheet is at the message center.  Thank you.

The Young group Bible Study will be this Friday at Bro. Ted and Sis. Kenda Taufer’s home starting at 7:30pm.

Heartline and Hearthouse is in need of paper products.   For the next two weeks tubs will be at the doors.  Thank you for your continued support.  Any questions, please contact sisters Audrey Rocke or Paula Hartman.

Here is the list of needed items:

Liquid laundry soap
Fabric softener sheets
Dish soap
Toilet bowl cleaner
Floor cleaner
Kitchen garbage bags
Paper towels
Toilet paper

The playground equipment for the Fellowship Hall is to arrive at 1:00 PM Monday, June 20th. Six to eight volunteers are needed to assemble the equipment and mount it on the pad that has been prepared. Please bring socket sets, wrenches, tape measures, and levels. This work can start as soon as the equipment is received and will continue Monday evening and into Tuesday morning, afternoon, & evening. Please contact Bro. Mark Rocke (309-696-9431) if you are able to help with this assembly work.

The Sunday School picnic is June 26th at 4:30 in our new fellowship hall!  Meat, drink and table service will be provided and everyone can bring a dish to share.

After several years of planning and 10 months of demolition, renovation, and new construction, our Fellowship Hall is nearing completion. The Trustees and Building Committee are pleased to announce the Dedication Service and Open House will be held on Sunday, July 24th.  The agenda for that Sunday will start with our usual morning services followed by lunch in church at the normal starting times. Our afternoon service will be held in the Fellowship Hall and will be conducted as a Dedication Service. This afternoon portion will start with Singing at 12:15 and the Dedication Service at 12:30. The Open House will be held after the Dedication Service until 4:00 PM. Building Committee members will be at various stations to explain the new and updated features of the Fellowship Hall. A light snack and drinks will be served during the Open house.

We are thankful to announce Bro. Steve & Sis. Mary Wiegand (6/19) and Bro. Dick and Sis. Carla Hohulin’s (6/18) 50th wedding anniversary.

The following is the update Bro. Kurt Plattner put on their blog Saturday.  From now on, please feel free to visit the Plattner’s website at www.theplattners.blogspot.com for updates on the situation and their ministry in Haiti.

Update from Bonne Fin
Posted: 18 Jun 2016 09:12 PM PDT
Greetings to all from Haiti:

As many of you are aware, we've had some challenges in the Bonne Fin area in recent weeks.  Joan & I have been communicating updates on the situation with our family & friends using various other methods, but we feel like it may be simplest to just use our blog as a central location for future updates.

I'll give just a quick update regarding the issues that we're facing here in the past couple weeks as some of you may not be aware.  In recent months, things at the hospital were going quite well.  We've been blessed with good collaboration with our workforce and have seen our patient counts steadily increase.  As I look back on the recent months, I'm grateful for the gains that we've made and thankful for a smooth stretch of sailing!

A couple weeks ago, that smooth stretch of water ended and we hit some rough seas.  Some members of the local community started setting up road blocks and "demonstrating."  Unfortunately, this is not that uncommon here in Haiti and it's often done when Haitians have major disagreements or anger over political issues or people.  It seems that most of the time, these roadblocks occur due to disagreements between the Haitian people and the government.   In this instance, the demonstrations were directed at the hospital.

Initially, we were unaware of the reason for roadblocks, but we soon found out the reasons for the manifestations:  electricity for the community, jobs at the hospital, and problems related to specific Haitians in leadership roles at the hospital.

There have been several meetings recently between us, government leaders, and representatives from the community (the people blocking the roads).    The most recent meeting took place yesterday (Friday) & involved all of the key parties:  hospital admin, govt. leaders, MEBSH leadership and representatives from the community.   There were some positives that came from the meeting.  The governmental officials and MEBSH leadership were supportive of the hospital admin. and were reasonable.  All of the governmental officials spoke in support of finding solutions in a peaceful manner (ie. without manifestations.)  Yet, at the end of the day, we didn't make as much progress as we would've liked and the plan of action was less than ideal. There were several from the community that "tainted" the meeting with false statements and strong emotions.  Unfortunate!

One specific person targeted by the community is our Haitian HR manager.  He returned to work yesterday for the first time in 2 weeks.  He was met with some resistance from the community and it didn't go as smooth as we had hoped.  He's a key employee and kind of my right hand man.  Much of the focus has been on him during the past few weeks simply due to the fact that he's Haitian and not American.  He's getting blamed for issues and decisions that were not his.  So, please pray for him. His name is Jean Pheguens Pierre.

We know that many of you have been praying specifically for us and this mission in recent days.  Those prayers have been felt and we humbly ask that you continue to support us in prayer.   It's a great encouragement for me to picture specific people on their knees praying to the creator God to walk with us through these challenges.

Some specific prayer requests that come to mind include:

1. Continue to pray for a peaceful & reasonable resolution to the issue of electricity for the community.

2. Pray for all leadership team at the hospital that's working on these issues on a daily basis (David Z, Lee K., Sheila M., Rick A. & myself).    Pray that the Holy Spirit could guide us each day and that we could feel God's presence and strength in spite of challenging circumstances.

3.  Pray for those that oppose us ......that their hearts could be changed according to God's plan.  It's hard for me to pray for those that make my life miserable, but Jesus taught us that principle in the sermon on the mount.  Matthew 5:44 says ...Love your enemies, bless them that curse you, do good to them that hate you, and pray for them which despitefully use you, and persecute you;"

4.  Pray for the safety of Mr. Pheguens who is taking the brunt of the threats.

5.  Pray for the leaders of Haiti.  The outlook seems pretty bleak for this country.  I pray that leaders who fear God would rise up and make a difference in this country.  For those interested in an update on the political challenges in Haiti including the struggle to find a President, read this article:

Haiti needs food, jobs, doctors.....and now a President!

Thanks to each of you prayer warriors that have been supporting us in prayer.  It's very humbling to picture you on your knees reaching out to God on our behalf.