2016 March 20 Announcements

The young group singleness of heart will be this Thursday at the condos at 6:30. This is a wonderful opportunity to encourage our older Brothers and Sisters while strengthening our inter-generational bonds. All of the young group is encouraged to attend.

Everyone is welcome to attend our Good Friday services this Friday, March 25th at 7:00 p.m.  Bro. Kent Heimer from Taylor, MO plans to be with us.  We will be having communion after the church service.  This will cancel our Wednesday evening services this week. There will be babysitting provided in the basement of the church for anyone that needs it. There are sign-up sheets at the message center for kids to be babysat and those interested in babysitting. Please see Sis. Rachel McClure if you have any questions.

The Easter Sunrise Service is planned for Sunday, March 27th at 6:00 am. The service will be held in the church sanctuary this year, due to the ongoing construction at the Fellowship Hall. All are welcome and encouraged to attend! If you have any questions, feel free to contact Bro. David or Sis. Kasey Roth.

It is time for Church Spring Cleaning!  Everyone is needed to care for our physical church building, please consider coming and helping volunteer.   In order to accommodate many different schedules, we will start April 1st, Friday evening at 5 PM and continue on Saturday April 2nd morning starting at 7 am until we are finished cleaning.   This includes the church grounds as well as the main floor and basement areas.  Thank you for assisting.

The Heart House is having their annual spaghetti dinner on Thursday, April 7th. They are asking our church to donate bars. Sign-up sheets and other information is posted at the message center. Thanks for you your support. If questions see sisters Audrey Rocke or Paula Hartman.

Fellowship Hall Volunteer Opportunity:
During this week we need volunteers to remove previous wallpaper paste and floor border trim glue from the walls in the remodel area.  The process is pretty straight forward......dampen the surface with warm water, wait a few minutes and scrape off the paste with a 4 inch putty knife(bring if you have).....we will need about 80 hours of volunteer help starting Monday and continuing daily until completed. Please help as your schedule allows, We will report progress via our phone call system. Contact Bro. Denny Blunier (256-8263) with any questions.

2016 Alabama/Tennessee Fellowship Weekend scheduled on Memorial Day Weekend -- May 28-29
The annual Alabama / Tennessee Fellowship Weekend will be held, Lord willing, on May 28-29. This year’s topics will focus on “Reviving and Renewing our Relationships” – first and foremost with our Lord Jesus Christ and then with others in our families and communities. Ministering Brothers Randy Mogler (Washington, IL) and John Reinhard (Bluffton, IN) plan to speak on these topics during the weekend. A work project is planned for Saturday morning and a benefit auction for the TN Fellowship property will begin at 2 p.m.
Everyone is invited to come for a weekend of spiritual renewal, fellowship, singing and worshiping the Lord.
Central Illinois Bus – For those who are interested in riding a bus to the Tennessee Fellowship Weekend from Morton, IL, please contact Bro. Phil or Sis. Cindi Witzig.
Please notify Bro. Roger or Sis. Becky Roberts if you plan to attend by Friday, May 6.

Hans Hinrichsen, Francie Mueller, Kyle Hinrichsen & Angie Burns were all deeply appreciative of everyone who hosted and/or attended the shower last Saturday.  They would like to sincerely thank our church family for all the love and support showered on both couples.

Bro. Bill Hohulin is slowly improving and was able to come home today. Note from Sis. Ellie Berardi: “Thank you so much for everyone's continued concern and prayers.”

Note from Bro. Earl & Sis. Dixie Ringger:
As the week has progressed we have heard of many of our wonderful  churches who had special corporate prayer for us during services last Sunday while we were enroute to or in one of two hospitals leaning on the Lord for His help.  So whether you prayed at church or later when you heard of Earl's stroke we want to extend our heartfelt love and thanks for your care of us.  There aren't enough words to extend our appreciation but we are thanking God many times a day for all of you who prayed.

Earl received the clot-busting drug in good time in Bloomington and then was transferred to St. Francis in Peoria for  removal of the clot via a tiny wire reaching from the groin to his brain that then encapsulated the clot in a mesh and pulled it back out.  Miraculous surgery!!  He is doing well, just has a little trouble spelling and thinking of some words. But that will come in time.

May God bless you all!!

Our love through Him who is able to do all things,

Earl and Dixie