2016 March 6 Announcements

Our giving for the month of March will go to the General Fund.  This collection will help provide funds for the operation and upkeep of our church facilities which include the church, fellowship hall, contents, grounds, parking lots and cemetery.

The Eureka Home auction is over and it was very successful! We don't know the numbers yet, and will not know them until Wednesday but we want to thank everyone very much for coming, for bidding, for donating items and baked goods. It was a wonderful crowd.

It's time again to update our church directory. If you have any changes, please get them to Bro. Randy or Sis. Roxy Blunier. Thanks!

A small crew is needed to clean up dry wall pieces and sweep today (Monday, March 7th).  Please contact Bro. Norm Ricketts if you can help with this.

HarvestCall Sewing will meet Tuesday from 9-noon. We will be tying comforters and packaging bibles for distribution. We would love to see you! Babysitting will be provided at the church.

We will be having our monthly topical Bible presentation this Wednesday night starting at our normal time of 7:30pm.

There will be a double open house church shower for Kyle Hinrichsen and Angie Burns, Francie Mueller and Hans Hinrichsen on Saturday, March 12  at  9am-10am at the church (due to the fellowship hall construction). Please bring recipe, paper products and 5-10$ donation for each couple.

Brother Rick Aberle, Administrator of Hospital Lumiére, will be at the Tremont Fellowship Hall Friday evening, March 18th at 7:00 PM to present a very interesting update on the progress and ministry of Hospital Lumiére in Bonne Fin, Haiti.  Apostolic Christian HarvestCall has 5 long term Missionary families serving at Hospital Lumiére (including our Bro. Kurt, and Sis. Joan Plattner).  We are inviting all brethren and friends from our Central Illinois churches to come and hear how the Lord has blessed, and continues to bless this work in transforming Hospital Lumiére to serve the many needy people of Haiti.

Next Sunday, March 13 we will have our communion exhortation service Sunday afternoon.  All are welcome to stay and listen to this message.

We will be having communion on Good Friday, March 25th. There will be babysitting provided in the basement of the church for anyone that needs it. There are sign-up sheets at the message center for kids to be babysat and those interested in babysitting. Please see Sis. Rachel McClure if you have any questions.

We would like to start setting up an online meal schedule when people have a baby to coordinate meals and hopefully make it easier for those who may want to take a meal. We have set up a schedule for Bro. Tim & Sis. Susie Blunier since they were recently blessed with a baby girl. A link to the schedule will be emailed out and anyone that is interested in taking a meal can look at the schedule and sign up for a day that is convenient for them. If you know of someone in our church family that has a new baby or is in need of meals, please tell Sis. Trish Gerber. She will gather the necessary information from them to set the

schedule up. If you have any questions about this, please contact Sis. Trish Gerber or Sis. Roxy Blunier.

Saturday April 16
Peoria Apostolic Christian Fellowship Hall at 7405 N. Route 150 Edwards, IL 61528.  (309) 692-7325.
Single Focus Weekend is intended for singles in the workforce or in graduate school as a time of encouragement, fellowship, and spiritual growth.
The theme is TRUSTING GOD IN TIMES OF WANT & PLENTY.  Come learn about how people in the Bible were able to see God in their lives using their individual strengths despite their unique weaknesses.
Saturday April 16
Registration  12:00-12:45
Speakers  1:00
Supper  5:30
Singing  7:00
Everyone is warmly welcomed to return for church on Sunday April 17 in Peoria at 10:00 am.
As a service to others, we will be collecting postage stamps for Berean Prison Ministry.  Bring any quantity of standard Forever U.S. stamps & we will donate them to the Bible Study program used by prisoners all over the country.  Berean Prison Ministry volunteers send out and grade thousands of studies each month and are in desperate ongoing need of stamps.

Please be prayerful for the Elder Body this week during the conference in Leo, IN Wednesday thru Friday. Your prayers are needed and appreciated.