2016 September 4 Announcements

The Hospital Lumiere Auction will be held at 4:30 pm on Friday November 11, 2016 at the Five Points Center in Washington, Illinois. Auction items are needed and the list is at the information center.  Our collection for the month of September is also for HarvestCall (Hospital Lumiere where Bro. Kurt and Sis. Joan serve.

Help is needed unloading trucks at the food pantry this Tuesday at 12:30pm.

We plan to have a spiritual leadership seminar for all men ages 12 thru 100 on Tuesday evening September 6th at 7pm. This will be held at the Fellowship Hall Family Center. Bros Matt Kaufman and Arlen Miller plan to be there. Please make an effort to come!

There will be an open house wedding shower for Jed Bauman & Ashley Schrock Saturday September 10th from 9-10:30 in the family gathering room at the Fellowship Hall. Please bring $5-$10 and your favorite spice, sauce or condiments. If you have any questions contact Sisters Heather Swords or Kim Getz.

We plan to have singing at the home this Saturday starting at 6:45pm

Sunday School Starts next Sunday.

Men wanted to lead Men's Table Talk Coffee Group in Heiterland Every Tuesday 9:30 or 10:00 AM. Also a volunteer to help clean men's razors on a regular basis. The home is still looking for a few individuals to become Building Beautification Volunteers. A notice will be posted on bulletin board. See Sis. Bonnie Gerst if you have any questions.

Loving Shepherd Ministries will be hosting a meal and charity auction for the orphans of Haiti and Ethiopia on Friday, October 14, 2016, at the Five Points Washington.  The meal and Silent Auction start at 5:30PM with the Live Auction starting at 6:30PM. Items are still needed. If you would like to donate an item, please contact Bro. Wade or Sis. Hallie Wettstein.   The auction is a wonderful evening of fellowship and enjoyment while raising much needed funds to help the world’s most vulnerable children.  All are invited to attend. There will be free childcare provided, so couples with young children are encouraged to attend. Visit loving-shepherd.org to learn more about what the evening will be supporting.

As we strive to care for our church family's needs, several opportunities have been identified:

First, starting next Sunday, the two east outside doors behind the pulpit area will be locked at 10 AM.  This will bring those coming into the church building, after services begin, to the entrances where we have door greeters or closer to our church ushers.  This allows us to welcome visitors that may not be familiar with the building while improving safety.  

Second, Our Fellowship Hall is a busy place with many groups using the building to support worship and fellowship together.  It was designed to support many different groups at the same time such as ongoing church bible studies, Active Program as well as individual rented functions. In order to be excellent stewards of this building and support harmony and respect for each other in the church body, we are requesting that EVERYTIME you use the fellowship that you FIRST go through our schedulers, Bro. Nate and Sis. Emily Sauder.  This allows everything to be on the schedule and better support the church body. This includes all activities even infrequent short use such as: Sunday school classes or use of the kitchen equipment for early preparation or storage prior to your rental.  This will enhance  better coordination with other rentals and help us make sure the building is clean and ready for each of you to use and enjoy.   We appreciate and ask for your understanding and support of this request to always go through our schedulers to honor and esteem each other as brothers and sisters as we strive  to serve our Lord together.

Third, If you have questions or further suggestions for care of our Church, please contact one of the trustees or add it to the “Trustee Communication and Maintenance” log at the message center in the back hall.  Thank you, God’s blessings.  

We are going to take a different approach to engage our church family in listening to the recordings from the general conference this year.  Later this fall we plan to focus on one topic per week. In the meantime please take time to listen.  There are three ways to get the recordings: 1) AC Central App, 2) CDs, 3) written transcript.  Please let one of the ministers know if you have any questions or if you need a copy of the transcript.