2017 April 9 Announcements

We will open the collection boxes this month for our local Charity fund. Many lives are affected by your giving to this fund. If you know of anyone in need please see one of the Charity fund committee members: They are Bro. Nathan and Sis. Laura Wiegand, Bro. Chris and Sis. Liz Schmidgall and Bro. Duane and Sis. Vermeda Friedinger.

April is Goodfield's food collection month for the Food Pantry in Eureka. Due to getting foods they normally cannot use ---we would like to have a collection between this Sunday and the end of April for the food pantry. We will purchase IGA gift cards for the pantry to spend. Any money directed to the pantry should be labeled in the memo section or on a note.

Also, on Saturday, April 22 we will be delivering food from Eureka IGA to the food pantry and stocking the shelves. If you can help we will start at 8 AM at Eureka IGA. Please contact Sis. Dawn Maloney if you're available that day.

There will be HarvestCall sewing and projects at the Fellowship Hall this Tuesday at 9am. Everyone is welcome to attend.

We plan on having Sunrise service starting at 6am on Easter Sunday at the fellowship hall. Everyone is invited to attend.

We would like to invite all ladies and girls (ages 0-100) to our first annual Spring Ladies Luncheon. The luncheon is Saturday, May 13th at 11:00 am. Please feel free to invite someone special to you that may not go to Goodfield church. There is a sign up for all attendees at the message center. Please signup so we can accurately plan food and table space! If you have any questions please see Sisters Emily Sauder or Jennifer Stoller.

There are job posting on the AC Central app. Along with searchable hymns and all Silver Lining articles. Currently only the Zions Harp hymns are there but eventually all of our hymn book hymns will be there.

We will be having Good Friday services starting at 7pm and everyone is welcome to attend. We will have our communion service directly after. All members and converts are invited to attend. Bro. Lynn Stieglitz from Leo,Indiana plans to be with us. This will cancel our Wednesday evening services this week.

Bro. Cecil Nohl is back home and recovering from a bout of pneumonia.

Please be prayerful for Sis. Carolyn Ott as she awaits results on her recent biopsy.

Sis. Allene Steffen is now in the Eureka Home and is improving.

Sis. Elna Grimm had cellulitis on her leg and is at the Eureka Hospital being treated with antibiotics.

Sis. Karen Wiegand (Gary) is at OSF and is still suffering with some pain but is improving.

Sis. Terry Hart’s surgery went well and she is back home.

Sis. Mary Ellen Wiegand’s knee replacement surgery went well and she is recovering at Hopedale hospital.

Continued prayers are very much appreciated for all of these dear sisters.