2017 August 27 Announcements

We are out of the missionary information booklets.  There is a sample one (please don’t take it) at the information center and there is a sign-up sheet beside it if you would like a copy.  Bro. Dale Wyss will get those ordered for all who sign up for them.

Note from Bro. Duane & Sis. Vermeda Freidinger:

We wish to thank our extended church family for the calls, prayers, visits and cards of encouragement during the passing of my birth mother, Evelyn Gibson.  Your concern for us was overwhelming and so greatly appreciated.  In his love, Bro. Duane & Sis. Vermeda

We will be collecting for the Gateway Woods Children’s Home for the month of August. As you know many lives are touched by this ministry.

The Silver Lining has been featuring special topical sections with submissions from our readers. You are encouraged to contribute. The next topic is: How have you seen God move while on a work team? Please send your contributions (length: no more than 600 words) about your mission trip experience in Mexico, Haiti, Jamaica, or to rebuild homes in the USA, to editor@acsilverlining.org by Sept. 20, 2017. For questions or assistance, contact Sis. Katy Frantz at katyzeller1104@gmail.com   Please consider helping to make this upcoming section of the Silver Lining a blessing to our readers.

As some of you might have heard, our young people in the college and young-professional demographics will be gathering the weekend of September 8-10 in Monticello, Illinois, at an event called Ignite. The sole purpose of Ignite is to gather young AC Christians around the banner of Jesus Christ alone, to encourage each other in striving side by side for the faith of the gospel, as shared in Philippians 1:27. We, the Ignite team, realize that without God in this, there will be no fruit.  We also believe in Satan’s power, and that sometimes prayer and fasting is required to overcome evil, as illustrated in Mark 9:29. Therefore, we ask you to join us and pray that:

God would be glorified, God would be present at Ignite with a power that overcomes all darkness

Our young peoples’ hearts would be stirred up with a greater love for Jesus and his kingdom. We thank you so much for your support in the Spirit – we desperately need it! If you are interested in learning more about the event, please visit www.igniteforhim.com.

The conference recordings are now available on AC Central. These recordings do not include the moderators comments, prayers or singing. If you would like to listen to the entire conference there are cd sets at the information center or you can contact Bro. Jeff Grimm for a link to listen on your phone or computer. There are also transcripts available for those who want them. Please see one of the ministers for a copy.

If there are any changes to this year's coming Sunday School roster, please let Bro. Josh or Sis. Carolyn Knapp know.  This may include any new students, children entering pre-k who haven't attended the 3 year old class or any children repeating a grade.  This will help the teachers plan accordingly and be ready to welcome each child by name on the first day of Sunday School on Sept. 10th.

The young group guys Bible Study will be this Tuesday at Bro. Dan and Sis. Heidi Schumacher’s home this Tuesday starting at 7pm.

Our Adult Bible study will start this coming Sunday and each Sunday in September at the Fellowship Hall starting at 10am. This is a great opportunity to invite and friend or a neighbor.

Bro. Kenneth Rokey is doing well but his recovery is slow.  Thankfully he feels well and is not in a lot of pain.  He has been transferred from the hospital (OSF) to Eureka Hospital.  Thanks so much for your support and prayers.

- Sis. Phyllis Rokey and family.

The Midwest FoodBank in Bloomington needs volunteers to load some food tubs for Texas.  They are loading 4 semis starting at 10 a.m. tomorrow (Monday).  You can go on their website or call them or just show up to help.

This week is our first week to concentrate on the conference talks.  The talks this year were on Relationships.  We see great opportunities to strengthen, maintain and protect key, personal relationships.  The first topic is: Our Relationship with the Father.  Bro. Greg Leman speaks on that topic.  If you would this week, please listen to that topic sometime.  This topic will show that our relationship begins with our Creator, our Heavenly Father who desires to relate with us as a father would to his children.  He is actively seeking and pursuing, desiring a deep and loving relationship with us.

There will be an open house, one gift, baby shower for Maddie Plattner and her son, Bohdi Grey Plattner, on Saturday, Sept 16, from 9:00 a.m to 10:30 a.m. It will be at the Gathering Room. Please bring $5 - $10. Everyone is welcome. If you have any questions, contact Sis. Rhonda Zeltwanger.

We rejoice with Bro. Tim & Sis. Susie Blunier as they were blessed with a baby girl named Melody Jean on August 23rd.