2017 December 17 Announcements

Our giving for the month of December will go to the General Fund.  This collection will help provide funds for the operation and upkeep of our church facilities which include the church, fellowship hall, contents, grounds, parking lots and cemetery.

All EACH transportation drivers should pick up the new schedule at the information center.  If you have any questions, please see Bro. Daryl Blunier.

The new dinner list is finished and is posted by the coffee maker and at the message center. It will also be on the Church website. There will also be extra copies if you would like to take one at the message center.

For our small group Bible study in 2018 we will be doing the study on Prayer.  This study looks at the different aspects of prayer through the people in the Bible such as Abraham, Daniel, Hannah, Mary & Jesus.  Please sign up at the information center through December 31st.  We will hopefully notify groups and hand out books by the 7th of January.  Please see Bro. Kris & Sis. Heather Swords or Bro. Nate & Sis. Brittany Zeltwanger if you have any questions.

If anyone has any questions regarding their Fellowship Hall pledges, please contact Bro. Marty Rumbold or Bro. Ron Wiegand.

The book on the history of Gateway Woods, Turning Lives Around,  is available now at Apostolic Christian Publications in Goodfield.  Our Gateway Woods representatives, Bro. Craig and Sis. Marla Wiegand have more details.

If anyone has Christmas cards they want to share with our missionaries— Sis. Erin, Bro. Kurt and Sis.  Joan, or Bro. Erik and Sis. Carrie— please put them in the basket at the message center.  

Bro. Jeff G. would like to thank you for your diligent prayer and a very good minister ballot response.  The Holy Spirit was very evident and the results were very clear for one brother.  Bro. Kent Wiegand & his wife, Sis. Lanae were supported to join the pulpit ministry in our Goodfield church.  We plan to have a confirmation vote, and Lord willing, an installation service this Wednesday evening starting at 7:30.  Everyone, including children, is invited to this service.  Bro. Mark Streitmatter & Bro. Trent Meiss plan to be with us.  Please be prayerful for Bro. Kent & Sis. Lanae as we go through this time together.

For planning purposes, here is our church service schedule for the next couple weeks:

Wednesday 12/20: Confirmation vote and Lord willing, installation service for Bro. Kent Wiegand

Sunday 12/24: Regular services

Monday 12/25: Christmas Day service 10 a.m.

Wednesday 12/27: No Service

Sunday 12/31: Regular services (no New Year’s Eve service in evening)

Wednesday 1/3: No Service

 During this time of year when maybe we have a little extra family time together, find ways to worship our Lord together.