2017 December 24 Announcements

Our giving for the month of December will go to the General Fund.

The new dinner list is finished and is posted by the coffee maker and at the message center. It will also be on the church website. There will also be extra copies if you would like to take one at the message center.

The 2018 rotating potluck lists are ready for you to pick up at the message center. Thanks for participating in church rotating potluck and growing the relationships in our church.

For our church small group Bible Study in 2018, we will be doing a study on Prayer. This study looks at the different aspects of prayer through the people in the Bible such as Abraham, Daniel, Hannah, Mary, and Jesus. Please sign up at the information center through Dec. 31st. We will hopefully notify groups and hand out books by the 7th of January. Please see Bro. Kris and Sis. Heather Swords or Bro. Nate and Sis. Brittany Zeltwanger if you have any questions.

There will be an all church walk through shower for Bo. Jason Schick and Sis. Abby Edelman on Saturday, January 6 at the gathering room. Please bring $5-10 and a grocery item. If you have questions please call Sisters Lynda Hinrichsen or Dort Leman. Thanks.

Bro. Cody Schumacher will be taking Bro. Kent Wiegand’s place teaching 6th grade. Please be prayerful for Bro. Cody and Sis. Abbie as they assume this role. Bro. Jon Hohulin and Bro. Jesse Ruegsegger will be joining Bros. Ross Hohulin and Tim Blunier in the sound booth. A big thankyou to Bro. Ross and his team for consistently being there and providing our church family with the ability to listen online etc.

Services on Wednesday evening will be cancelled due to Christmas Day services on Monday this week.