2017 December 3 Announcements

Our giving for the month of December will go to the General Fund.  This collection will help provide funds for the operation and upkeep of our church facilities which include the church, fellowship hall, contents, grounds, parking lots and cemetery.

We will be having Services at the Eureka AC Home at 8:45 each Sunday Morning in December. Any support would be appreciated.

ACTIVE will meet this Wednesday evening.  This will be the last time ACTIVE meets this year.

Our Sunday School Christmas program will be next Sunday December 10th in place of afternoon services.

The current dinner list will be coming to a close mid-January. Please contact Sister Deb Fehr if you would like to make changes to the list. She will need to know if you either want to join the list or have your name taken off the list. Thank you.

All church Christmas caroling will be this Friday, December 8th at 6pm. Sign-up sheets are at the message center. Please see Sis. Kasey Roth or Sis. Ashley Schieler with any questions.

Reminder that if you have not mailed your minister ballot in yet, please do so by Wednesday morning at the very latest.  

There are approximately 12 men in a communicator group which exists to provide additional communication opportunities for church leadership from the congregation.  This is not a decision making group.  It’s about communication.  The brothers in the group currently are: Andy Bauman, Denny Blunier, Jon Knapp, Keith Leman, Ben Rokey, Roy Wiegand, Brian Rieke, Josh Knapp, Loren Zeltwanger, Mark Steffen, Royce Schieler, Darrell Stoller and Cody Schumacher.  Each year there will be three brothers going off and three new coming on.  If any of you have a desire to serve in this commumicator group, please let one of these brothers (or Jeff Grimm) know.  They will try to meet 2-3 times per year with Jeff G. and one of the other ministering brothers.  The desired objective in establishing this adhoc group is to provide additional opportunities for personal communications within the church congregation and leadership.  The intent is to encourage and advance further our spiritually based atmosphere of open and transparent communications to the extent possible within our church practices.

The Lamar, MO congregation has embarked upon the journey of bolstering their congregation. By working with HarvestCall’s Church Establishment Committee, they have identified the following needs which they would like the brotherhood to prayerfully consider:

•Families, couples and singles to relocate and become part of their church family. There is a special need for young couples with children and for middle-aged couples with teenage children.

•Sunday School teachers and song leaders to use their gifts and talents for God’s glory in their congregation.

•Godly wisdom for the congregation to know how to continue outreach into the community

•The church to continue demonstrating love and unity through working together.

If you feel God calling you to serve in the Lamar congregation (or any of the bolstering congregations), please e-mail the Church Establishment Committee at CEC@Harvestcall.org.