2017 September 17 Announcements

In September we will be collecting for Apostolic Christian HarvestCall. Thank you for your love, prayers and generosity. They are critical to our mission.

 Due to the enormous scale of the recent storm, all three of our Florida church communities were affected, Fort Myers being the hardest hit. (Preliminary reports from our brethren there indicate only minor damage was sustained in our church family.) HarvestCall’s approach in this situation is to work through these local congregations, assisting them with money, supplies and other resources to minister to their communities. This is underway. For those areas beyond the scope of our local congregations, HarvestCall is working through trusted disaster relief organizations who are on the ground. In addition, we are funding the shipment of Disaster Boxes to the area.

Save the Date: The Goodfield Church Invite-a-friend is going to be held on Sunday, November 12. Please start inviting guests to come with you that day and there will be a meal at the Fellowship Hall that evening. More details to follow once it gets closer. Thank you!

We plan to have testimonies and baptisms for Kendahl Evans the weekend of October 7th and 8th. Testimonies will begin Saturday evening at 7pm. Bro. Trent Meiss plans to be with us.

All are invited to our next all church family hymn sing and wiener roast which is planned for Sunday, October 8th at Larry Wiegand's lake house.  Wiener roast begins at 4:30 pm with the family hymn sing to follow. There is a sign-up sheet for food and attendance at the message center! Please bring a camp chair for the singing. Any questions please see Sis. Lori Wiegand or Sis. Jennifer Stoller

We will be having our monthly topical this Wednesday evening at the church. Bro. Jeff Grimm will be sharing about the great commission. Everyone is welcome.

Just a reminder that ACTIVE and Scripture memory start this coming Wednesday night.

Bro. Curt and Sis. Melita Hodel just recently celebrated their 50th wedding anniversary. We are very thankful to witness Godly, loving marriages in our church family. May the Lord bless you and keep you.

Just a reminder to listen to the conference recording for this week.  It’s a very interesting topic from Bro. Dave Graf about our relationships within our church body.

Note from Bro. Ron Messner on behalf of Apostolic Christian LifePoints:

Over the past year we have been working with new people in several positions which opened due to retirements and job changes. One position recently reopened. It is an excellent opportunity for a brother, sister or friend to serve in a leadership and servant capacity. The opening is the Resident Services Director at Timber Ridge. Candidates need to have a bachelor’s degree in education, health, social services or social sciences. It would be very helpful if they also had experience working with people with disabilities. They would be responsible for overseeing staff who plan training and programming for the residents of Timber Ridge. If anyone is interested they should contact Timber Ridge at 309-266-9781. Please apply or inquire by 10-15-17.

In addition we anticipate a couple of case manager positions coming open in the next several months. These also require a Bachelor’s Degree in education, health, social services or social sciences. Experience working with people with disabilities would be good but not required.