2017 September 3 Announcements

In September we will be collecting for Apostolic Christian HarvestCall. It exists to enable the brotherhood to come together and proclaim Christ & serve others, in the US, Mexico, Haiti, Jamaica, Europe and other places as the Lord leads. Many hurting people throughout the world need our help to be lifted out of spiritual and material poverty. Although what was once two organizations —World Relief and Mission Committee — are now integrated into one, our needs did not decrease. In fact, mission opportunities are expanding as brethren hear and respond to the Lord’s call. Thank you for your love, prayers and generosity. They are critical to our mission.

The young group Bible study that is on the calendar for this Friday has been cancelled and will be held at a later date.

There will be singing at the Eureka Home this Saturday at 6:45. Everyone is welcome to attend.

Our Adult Bible study will be each Sunday in September at the Fellowship Hall starting at 10am. This is a great opportunity to invite and friend or a neighbor.

There will be ACYF practice this Wednesday evening for the Bible class students.

Our Sunday School will resume next Sunday, September 10th.

There are copies of the outline for Bro. Lynn Fiechter’s message on Sunday morning at the message center. It was also e-mailed out and is available on AC Central as well.  I pray that as we study this topic together and seek the firm foundation of Jesus Christ we will continue to be a blessed people and live together in harmony. When we work together with cooperation our homes and Church will be filled with the love of God.

We are very thankful to announce that Bill Koepnick has a desire to be a member in our church. He has been serving the Lord for many years but has not had the opportunity for adult baptism. He has been a part of our fellowship and would like to at some point in the future give his testimony and be baptized. Please be prayerful for Bill as he makes this step in faith.

We are very thankful to announce that Kendahl Evans is at peace with God and man and is ready for baptism. Please pray for her and encourage her during this most important time in life.  If you have any words of encouragement or concerns, please contact Kendahl. We are so thankful that God is still patient and calling souls to repentance and conversion.

Update from Bro. Rod Hinrichsen on Church safety response:

Greetings and Good morning.  With direction from the Elder Body, our churches continue to strive for improvement in our safety response to incidents.  This includes medical, fire, storms and active shooter emergencies.  Knowing what to do and when to do it keeps crisis from becoming chaos.  In regards to active shooter emergencies, our churches have been adapting and training use a national recognized program called ALICE.  It stands for ALERT, LOCK DOWN, INFORM, COUNTER, and EVACUATE.  Most of our Sunday School children from the Eureka and Mackinaw school districts have been trained using the ALICE program in their respective schools.  As parents of children in these school districts, it is a good possibility that you are very aware of the ALICE program.  The ALICE program is also specific for "houses of worship".  In the very near future there will be a select group from our congregation that will be invited to go through some ALICE training, approx 2-4 hrs.  Once that training is complete there will be an opportunity for our whole congregation to have a short awareness training to understand the highlights of the program.  This is just one area in regards to our roles of safety response.  As one of our trustees and having 24 yrs. in the fire & ems service, this is a very serious topic and we need to give it our due diligence.

Please spend some time listening to the conference recordings this week. The talk by Bro. Trent Meiss (Eureka) on our Relationship with the Son is what we will be focusing on this week.  

Note from HarvestCall Medical Committee:

In 2015 Apostolic Christian Medical Committee introduced AC MedConnect, a network of medical practitioners available to connect with Apostolic Christian pre-health students (physicians, dentists, optometrists, physician assistants, advanced practice nurses, physical/occupational therapists, pharmacists).

The vision of AC MedConnect is to promote CONNECTIONS between students and medical professionals within the Apostolic Christian denomination.  These connections will facilitate relationships; allowing students to ask questions, and allowing practitioners & students to share their experience, guidance, and advice.

How does it work?

Students interested in making a connection with a professional will request a connection. AC MedConnect administrators will process the request and provide the student and professional with each other’s contact information. After contact information is provided, meetings can be arranged and take on any form, at any time.   We encourage the connection to be tailored to the needs of the student and schedule of the practitioner. It could be as simple as trading emails or meeting the student for coffee.

If you are interested in participating either as a medical professional or as a student please either visit ACMedConnection.blogspot.com or send an email to ACMedConnect@gmail.com.