2018 April 15 Announcements

The Adult Bible study will be at the gathering room each Sunday morning in April starting at 10am. Please feel free to invite a friend or neighbor.

There will be ACTIVE this Wedesday evening.

The Sunday School Child Sponsor Program has updated.  In order to create a better relationship with the Sponsor Children, each grade will have their own child they will correspond with.  They will start in 1st grade and keep them through at least 8th grade, if not High School as well.  All students will have the opportunity to donate $1 per Sunday to help support their child's needs.  The congregation is invited to come down to Sunday School in the West assembly room to look at a world map of where our sponsor children are from!

The revised dinner list is now posted at the message center and by the coffee maker.  The lists were revised due to the change in not having lunch on Easter. If you picked up a printed list at the message center, please dispose of it as it is no longer correct. It is also available online.

The senior breakfast for the class of 2018 will be May 6th in the Gathering Room. The junior class will be helping. More information will be coming. Please contact Sisters Ruth Moser or Heather Hohulin if you have any questions.

There will be an all church meal and sending service/singing for Brother Mike and Sister Amber Grimm and their family on Sunday, June 3, at 4:30 pm at the fellowship hall. Details and sign up opportunities will follow later. All are welcome.

Sis. Marie Keiser’s brother Raymond Fehr passed away recently. He is from Fresno, California. Please keep Bro. Alfred and Sis. Marie and their family in your prayers.

Sandy Wiegand’s mother, Charlotte Gillespie, passed away on Wednesday, April 11.  Please keep the Wiegand family in your thoughts and prayers as they celebrate their mother and grandma’s 100 years of life.