2018 December 23 Announcements

Our giving for the month of December will go to the General Fund. This collection will help provide funds for the operation and upkeep of our church facilities which include the church, fellowship hall, contents, grounds, parking lots and cemetery.

Copies of our Goodfield church yearly pocket calendar are available at the information center to anyone who wants them. This is also posted on our church website. Special thanks to Bro. Steve Rocke for getting it put together.

There are currently some volunteer needs at the Eureka Home. These jobs were sent out in an email and are also posted at the information center.

There will be a team going to Hospital Lumiere February 16th through the 23rd. If you are interested in going please contact Bro. Nate Zeltwanger.

Signup for our winter church family Bible study is now available in the back hall. We will be studying “Walking in the teachings of the Holy Scriptures”.

Testimonies and baptisms for Rachel Roberts and MaryBeth Wiegand will be January 5th and 6th . Bro. Andy Stoller from Smithville, OH plans to be with us. There is a sign up sheet at the message center for food. It is Group 1’s turn. If you have questions, call Sis. Dort Leman. Thanks for your help.

We will be having Christmas day services starting at 10am this Tuesday. This will cancel our regular Wednesday evening services.

We were planning on reading the memorandum this afternoon but will be doing it on Sunday, January 13th instead.

Rotating potluck lists are now available in the back hall so please pick up your copy.

Update on Bro. Ted Taufer’s surgery:  They did find some cancer outside of the area but the doctor was able to get everything that he could see so they are very hopeful. They sent off some tissue for testing which he does not have the results of yet. Bro. Ted is in a lot of discomfort but things went as good or better than expected. Please continue to be prayerful for him.