2019 August 4 Announcements

Our collection boxes are open this month for Gateway Woods children’s home in Leo, IN.

We will be having services at the Eureka AC Home at 8:45 each Sunday morning in August. Any support would be appreciated.

On behalf of the ISU Young Group, we are seeking to reach any incoming freshman and returning students attending Illinois State, Wesleyan, or Heartland Community College in the upcoming academic year. We know how important plugging into a Christ-centered group is, especially in your first year of college. Thus, our group is hosting its annual Welcome Night on August 18, 2019. This evening is meant to be an informational meeting about our young group, but more importantly as a night to become acquainted with one another in anticipation for the upcoming school year. A pizza dinner will begin at 4:00 at the Bloomington church, and parents are encouraged to attend!

The Silver Lining has been featuring special topical sections with submissions from our readers. You are encouraged to contribute. The next topic is: What are practical ways to maintain contentment when it’s so easy to compare and complain? Let us encourage one another to experience the “great gain” of contentment and avoid temptations and snares. Please send your contributions (length: no more than 600 words) on this topic to features@acsilverlining.org by Sept. 16, 2019. For questions or assistance, contact Bro. Samuel Manz at the email address above. Please consider helping to make this upcoming section of the Silver Lining a blessing to our readers.

Thank you for your continued prayers and many acts of love as we host the conference this week.  The handout from Sunday afternoon's informational meeting can be viewed by clicking here.

Please mark your calendar for our Tuesday night midweek service on August 6th.  Services will start early with a song service at 6:45. We would love to see the sanctuary full that night. (including children)

There will be a singing on Thursday, August 8th at the fellowship hall at 6:30.  All are welcome, including children.  The ministers and their wives will be meeting at the church at this time.

All members and converts are welcome to attend the general conference at the church (seating at FH also) on Friday.

We want to welcome Bro. Curt and Sis. Larisa Wettstein along with their four children Isabella, Brody, Ebony and Adalee to our Goodfield congregation. They have recently moved here from the Belvidere congregation.

We would also like to welcome Bro. Nate Zobrist as he is making Goodfield his home congregation.

Ramp Doors next Sunday (8/11): Barry Kloter & Derek Roth