2019 January 27 Announcements

The collection for the month of January is for our HarvestCall Disaster Relief fund.  This church collection is to provide readily available funds in anticipation of a disaster occurring later in the calendar year.  Examples include tornadoes, earthquakes, floods, or other national or local disasters similar to what happened to Washington or where our Harvestcall work teams have been.

The Athens, AL congregation is excited to announce ALive 2019. In addition to a new name, this event also has a new vision to provide a place where brothers and sisters can come from across our brotherhood to connect and strengthen relationships, rest and become even more ALive spiritually in their Christian walk with the Lord. The event, which replaces the Athens/TN Fellowship Weekend, will be centered around the topic -- “All Things New”. This depicts what God has and is doing for the Athens congregation in leading them to a new venue for the weekend called, “The Vision”. The theme also reflects God working in each of us as we have become new creatures in HIM. Further, at various times, God calls us to do something new in our lives, and we answer that call and then walk by faith. Ministering Brothers Matt Knapp (Peachtree City, GA) and Mark Reinhard (Bluffton, IN) plan to speak on these topics during the weekend.  Click-here for details and registration information.

Each year, the Apostolic Christian Church hosts a series of camps throughout the summer for young people to gather for fellowship with others within our denomination.  The weekend is full of fun and spiritually uplifting activities. Members serve as our camp counselors, so if there are mature young people within your congregation that may be interested in serving in this way, please pass along the contact information to them.  We have had many counselors testify of the blessing it is to get to know one another as well as the kids within their cabins. Friendships and mentoring relationships often form during these camps.  Click-here for dates and contact information.

We plan to have ACCFS come and speak about mentoring and how we can be equipped to help others grow stronger in Christ. This will be held at the Fellowship Hall this Wednesday evening, January 30th.

We will be having the Adult Bible Study at the Fellowship Hall each Sunday morning in February starting at 10am. This is a great opportunity to invite a friend or a neighbor. Bro. Jedd will be teaching the class.

There will be a one gift wedding shower for Jessica Wiegand and Max Hodel in the Gathering Room on Tuesday, February 5th, from 7 to 8 pm. Please bring $5.00 to $10.00, a paper product and a recipe.  If you have any questions, please see Sis. Pam Wiegand.

Just a reminder that rotating potluck packets are ready for pickup at the message center. Please make sure to pick yours up today. Thanks! Sisters Jennifer Stoller and Joni Zacha

There are several in our church family that have not been able to assemble with us for quite some time.  We miss them and want to extend a call for prayer on their behalf.  If you find it in your heart to pay them a visit, it would be appreciated as well.

Wanda Edwards, Marian Wiegand, Mildred Heinold, Elna Grimm, Carolyn Ott, Melvin Heinold, Wilma Knapp

A reminder to keep your calendar clear for the week of August 5-9.  Please plan your vacations around this week as we are pleading for your participation and attendance in hosting the Brotherhood Conference.  It will be a wonderful bonding experience for our church family as we work together toward this event, and experience the Christ-Centered Love of the global denominations in August.  We are looking forward to your cooperation and interactions as we proceed with the planning.  

It’s time to update our church directory.  If you have any changes, please let Bro. Randy or Sis. Roxy Blunier know.