2019 September 15 Announcements

Our September collection is for Hospital Lumiere in Haiti.  

If you would like a copy of the general conference transcriptions please let Bro. Jeff Grimm know and he will get you a copy. CDs of the entire general conference are available at the message center.

Brotherhood Operations Fund

This is a new fund to cover the costs of operating an international denomination. [Previously these expenses were covered by the Mission Fund, then later HarvestCall. However, these types of costs did not align well with an organization like HarvestCall, so a separate fund was established for better clarity and transparency for donors.] In addition, it provides financial backing for the church’s new communications ministry.

 What it funds

Many of the things the Brotherhood Operations Fund pays for have a long history, such as support for AC Publications, development costs for AC Central, the denomination website, The Silver Lining, labor costs to manage and maintain all of the former, elder meetings and travel, subsidy for ACCFS’s support of the Elder Body, liability insurance, etc.

 Much of this now falls under Onward Media, which has a vision for producing and disseminating church-strengthening content. Examples of this include producing Around the Table, updated Sunday School/VBS curriculum, and developing other teaching resources.

 Also included is the new Elder Teaching Resource initiative, which provides research and development assistance to the Elder Body for creation of biblical teaching materials.

With a starting annual budget of $630,000, funds are needed. We plan to incorporate this fund into our general fund collection in Goodfield. It amounts to about $60 per member per year.

Due to ACYF day in Forrest on the 15th, we plan to have convert classes Sunday the 22nd during afternoon church, and Wednesday, September 25 at 7:30pm. Bro. Nathan still plans to cover lessons 7 & 8.

Our first ACTIVE of the year will start this Wednesday.

In appreciation and thankfulness for hosting the conference and for all the time and talents shown, the Fall Family Hymn Sing will include a Steak Dinner, on Sunday, September 22nd at 5 PM at the Fellowship Hall.  Following dinner, we will have a singing and show slides taken during the conference.  Please sign up at the message center so we can plan the meal.  Any questions please contact Sisters Amy Hinrichsen or Lori Wiegand.

The trustees would like to keep the south side of the church sidewalk free of vehicles to comply with a recommendation from the Eureka-Goodfield Fire District, local police and village snow plows.  Most Sundays there are at least 20 open parking spots that are unused.  We encourage everyone to park in a parking spot and not along the sidewalk areas or encroach on the Village of Goodfield right-of-way along the south side.

There will be a fundraiser for Peoria Rescue Mission called HopeWalk on Saturday, September 21 from 8 a.m. to 11 a.m.  This is a two mile walk starting at 601 SW Adams next to Dozer Park.  You can find more information at: https://www.peoriarescue.org/events/walk  If you are not interested in walking they would still welcome your prayer support and/or monetary donations.  To donate directly. Go to this link, and scroll down to the "Apply to" section, and enter any amount you feel led to give next to where it says HopeWalk.

Ramp Doors next Sunday (9/22): Nate Sauder & Jedd Rocke

Sunday School Item for September: Shampoo (Heart House)