2020 January 12 Announcements

The collection for the month of January is for our HarvestCall Disaster Relief fund.  This church collection is to provide readily available funds in anticipation of a disaster occurring later in the calendar year.  Examples include tornadoes, earthquakes, floods, or other national or local disasters similar to what happened to Washington or where our HarvestCall work teams have been.

If there is anyone that would like some part time work at AC Publications there is an immediate need.  They have flexibility in hiring one sister for all 4 mornings, or multiple sisters depending on how many mornings they are interested in helping at the bookstore.. Please contact Sis Rachel Schrock by calling (309-965-2611) or emailing (office@acpublications.org) AC Publications if you are interested.  Click-here to see a full job description.

Rotating potluck lists for 2020 are ready to be picked up at the message center. Thanks to all for participating.

For our 2020 all Church Bible Study, we are focusing on “Integrity”. Topics included in the study are: Imitate Jesus, keep commitments, cultivate endurance, speak truth, practice self-control, respect your body, expect temptation, guard your tongue, offer forgiveness and trust God. This study is open to all and has been such a blessing to build Spiritually deep relationships with in our church body! Please sign-up at the information center by this Wednesday evening if you would like to be involved. If you have any questions please see Bro. Nathan and Sis. Brittany Zeltwanger or Bro. Kris and Sis Heather Swords.

HarvestCall projects are Tuesday from 9-noon at the fellowship hall. Babysitting is provided. We’d love to have you join us!

There will be ACTIVE this Wednesday evening.

The date for singing at the Eureka Home this month has been moved back one week to Saturday, January 18th at 6:45 PM.  We would like to have at least 30 people attend the singing. You can sign up at the information center or via this link. It's a great opportunity for each of us, especially families with children, to interact with our loved ones at the home. Please consider the blessing that you will receive for attending.

Monday, January 20th there will be a blood drive at the Goodfield Fellowship Hall from 1:00-6:00 p.m. The 1:00-2:30 appointments are full, but there are a lot of openings available from 2:30-6:00.

Contact Sis. Lynda Hinrichsen if you would like an appointment time or go online to sign up.

There will be a wedding shower for Amber Penick and Kent Hinrichsen on Saturday, January 25th from 9am-10am. Please bring $5-10 and a paper product. Please note: this will be at the Church Dining Room instead of the Fellowship Hall. If you have any questions please see Sis. Heather Hohulin.

Our Goodfield Bible Class and Church Family will be hosting evening ACYF programs on Sunday, February 9th and 16th. Please mark your calendars for this opportunity to come support our Sunday School. Each evening we will host several hundred high school students from neighboring churches as we worship together in song. We will be sharing volunteer needs and ways for you to get involved in the coming weeks.

The Apostolic Christian Medical Fellowship (ACMF) Meeting is Saturday, April 18, 2020 at the Goodfield Fellowship Center for health care providers and their spouses. If you are listed on the HarvestCall Health Care Provider list, you will receive an invitation with a Google sign-up list via email. For health care providers who are on the provider list, we appreciate your responses by March 28, 2020. For health care providers not on the list, you can contact Lori Wiegand at llwiegand@gmail.com if you plan to attend.  All church associated health care providers are invited and encouraged to attend this event.

We are thankful to announce that Andrew Grimm from San Diego has surrendered his heart to the Lord in repentance. Andrew is the son of Bro. Mike and Sis. Amber Grimm.

The angels are also rejoicing in that Bradley Glueck has surrendered his heart to the Lord in repentance as well. Bradley is the son of George and Pauline Glueck. Please be prayerful for these two young men as they begin to serve the Lord.

We have a very special engagement announcement of our dear sister Taylor Wiegand to Bro. Drew Gerber from Bluffton Country. Taylor is the daughter of Bro. Kevin and Sis. Lindsay Wiegand and Drew is the son of Bro. Chad and Sis. Jami Gerber from Bluffton. May the Lord bless their engagement and upcoming marriage.

We rejoice with Bro. Adam & Sis. Maribeth Rocke as they were blessed with a baby boy, Foster Grey on January 11th.

Sunday School Item for January: Hand Soap (ADDWC)

Ramp Doors next Sunday (1/12): Sam Rokey & Arlen Edelman