2020 March 22 Announcements

Our giving for the month of March will go to the General Fund. This collection will help provide funds for the operation and upkeep of our church facilities which include the church, fellowship hall, contents, grounds, parking lots and cemetery.

There is also a special Charity fund collection at this time for the needs that are arising. These funds will be used to help those in our community and church family who have a need. Checks for either collection can be sent to the church at: PO Box 261, Goodfield, IL 61742 or to Bro. Martin Rumbold’s personal address: 201 Oak Valley Dr., Goodfield, IL 61742. If you know of someone who is struggling please contact one of the Charity fund committee:
Nathan and Laura Wiegand
Duane and Vermeda Freidinger
Erik and Carrie Wiegand
Dawn Maloney

We felt your prayers at the winter conference in Phoenix. Bro. Jeff Grimm will plan on giving an update in the near future.

If you have not filled out your church survey, please take the time to do that this week. Here is the link to take the Healthy Church Survey online: https://www.surveymonkey.com/r/GFHealthyChurchSurvey. If you want a paper copy click-here, print out and turn in to Bro. Erik Wiegand at Earlybird Feed and Fertilizer this week.

Thanks to everyone for your support at the recent Eureka nursing home benefit Auction. It was a very successful fundraiser as over $20,000 was raised to support the home.

There is a relevant message on AC Central under the “Around the Table” tab called “Coronavirus reactions” There will be weekly updates there as well. Please tune in to these and help those without access to listen as well.

All events at the Fellowship Hall and Church are postponed thru May 9th. Including, Church cleaning, Communion, Easter programs, ACTIVE, Family reunions and young group bible studies.

We plan to stream services this Wednesday evening starting at 7:30. This will be a topical Bible presentation.

Please check your voicemail and emails on a daily basis in the coming weeks to stay informed and to be aware of ways to help or reach out to one another. If you would like to add your cell or email to the list please contact Sis. Roxy Blunier. Families, you can have multiple phones or emails on this list.

The angels in heaven are rejoicing in that Cale Schumacher has repented for his sin and desires to serve the Lord. Please be prayerful for Cale as he grows in his relationship with Jesus. Cale is the son of Bro. Dan & Sis. Heidi Schumacher.

We rejoice with Bro. Loren & Sis. Darcy Schock as they were blessed with a baby girl, Nyah Katherine on March 16th.

Click-here if you would like to read the healthcare update that Sis. Lori Wiegand and Sis. Holly Bauman provided to the church yesterday. If you have further questions, please reach out to any one on the medical committee or other healthcare professionals in our assembly.
Thank you,
Rod Hinrichsen, First Responder/Trustee
Darrell Stoller, Lifepoints Adminstrator
Kevin Wiegand, Fire Chief/First Responder and School Board Member
Randy Berardi, Grade School Prinicipal
Eli Berardi, Hospital Nursing
Jennifer Stoller, Pediatric Nursing
Jill Wagner, Unity Point, Nursing Educator
Holly Bauman, EACH Director of Nursing
Lori Wiegand, OSF Nursing Administration