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April Update

We continue to be blessed as things are coming together nicely for the project.  The construction team has been focused on hanging and finishing drywall for the last month or so, and as that winds down painting work has begun in earnest.  This past week the main assembly room painting was completed, and in the week ahead the back hall, kitchen, and bride's room will be painted.  Drywall taping and finishing is winding up in the addition area in the next week and then those areas will be ready for paint as well.  Many thanks to the volunteers who have continued to help this project proceed smoothly.

On the outside of the building changes keep coming with the warmer weather as well.  The first couple coats of dryvit have been applied under the windows.  Siding has been hung on the south and west sides of the addition.  The installation of the new concrete entry and the aluminum and glass entry doors on the main south entrance lets a flood of natural light into the back hall.

If you have interest in seeing the work you can click here to view a photo album, or look up a building committee member and take a tour to see the work in person.  Thank you for your continued support and prayers.