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Congregation Update - December 6, 2015

We are three months into the construction phase of our fellowship hall project and we have been blessed as the project is currently on schedule and within budget. With the roof complete and most of the windows installed we are in a good place going into winter. Currently contractors are working on installation of the electrical, plumbing, heating and ventilation equipment. As they complete their work over the next few weeks we will be able to move on to putting up insulation and hanging drywall. We have had great support from our volunteers already, and will be able to use volunteer help again to hang the drywall later this month. There will be many more opportunities for volunteer help as we begin to work in the existing building starting January 4th. At this point we expect to need 10-15 volunteers each day for the first couple weeks of the new year as we begin the demolition work in the existing building. More detailed information on these opportunities will be provided in the upcoming weeks.

Later this month we plan to put up some sample boards and drawings showing the interior finish plans for your review. There will be an opportunity for the congregation to provide feedback and a vote of support. On next Sunday December 13th, after the Sunday School Christmas Program the project will be open for self guided tours. We plan to post pictures in each of the main areas and committee members will be present to answer your questions.

Construction costs are coming in as expected with no major surprises, and overall the project is in a sound financial position as we continue to manage our costs to stay within budget. As costs and funds both continue to come in we will be able to make informed choices on if and when to proceed with items that have been identified for possible delay, such as finishing of the conference room, outdoor terrace area, and parking lot lighting. Many thanks to all who have pledged and given donations, we have received 80% of our 2015 pledge money thus far. A special thanks to Congerville Apostolic Christian Church for their sizable donation to the project. Thanks to all for your continued support and prayers.