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East Meets West!

It has been a busy start to 2016.  The existing fellowship hall was taken out of service on Monday, January 3rd.  Contractor and volunteer crews immediately started on the interior demolition work. Furnishings, cabinetry, toilet fixtures, were all removed... some stored for later use and some distributed to local charities.  Walls and wall paper were removed, carpet pulled up, and the infamous curtain is no more.  By Friday, most of the interior demolition was complete and the building looks significantly different.  Click here for pictures of the building and crew in action, including one last photo op in front of the curtain!

On the addition side of the project, plumbers and electricians have been working along side insulation crews getting ready for the installation of drywall, which started this week.  Since the new side has become air tight and able to hold some heat the openings from old to new were cut in... see photo above.

Activities for the next few weeks include the following:  Drywall will be hung in the addition, concrete floors and plumbing is being removed and replaced in main kitchen and old bathrooms, followed by framing of new walls and ceiling on renovation side.  There will continue to be opportunities for volunteer help.  Please contact Mark Rocke if you are available.