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Building Project Updates

Construction of the building addition began on August 31st, 2015 and the project was completed in July of 2016. The updated Fellowship Hall is now available for use!

Proposed Fellowship Hall Addition and Renovation

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    The Home Stretch

    We are quickly nearing our first scheduled event in the new fellowship hall.  While not every detail will be complete, we will have a working building ready to use for our Church and Sunday School Picnic on Sunday, June 26th.  There is a lot going on every day as we near the finish line for this project, with many opportunities for volunteer help in these last weeks.  Photos of the work coming together can be viewed by clicking here.  We are looking forward to a dedication service of the completed building on Sunday July 24th at noon, followed by an open house.

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    May Update

    God's promises are true and everlasting.  His blessing has been evident throughout this project and as we near completion we praise Him.  Click here to view photos of the work in progress.

    The project is on track for completion in late June and the first planned event is the Sunday School / All Church picnic on June 26th. Work is proceeding well, but with a lot to accomplish in the next 6 weeks.  We are planning a Dedication Service and Open House on Sunday afternoon, July 24th. More details will follow soon.

    The remodel of the existing Fellowship Hall is nearly completed. This includes updates to electrical and structural systems, exterior doors and soffit, and a major update to insulation that was discovered during the remodeling project.

    Painting is complete; cabinets, ceiling tiles, and vinyl floors are installed; and floors are prepped for carpet installation which will start in the coming week. Counter tops will be measured in the coming week and the full set of appliances delivered the first week of June. The folding chairs in main assembly will be replaced. There will be an opportunity to purchase the old folding chairs.

    The new addition will be ready for use and furnished including new restrooms, nursery, family gathering area, Harvest Call room, conference room, kids loft, warming kitchen, outdoor terrace with grill area, fire pit, landscaping and playground.

    In the new addition, some painting is complete; vinyl flooring will be installed starting Monday 5/16; some cabinets are installed, and some light fixtures are installed.

    A major update is the audio/visual system which has a projector and screen in family gathering room, and includes a hearing aid system in main assembly and family gathering room that uses proven technology that works directly with most hearing aids.

    The Church Trustees will provide new dishes and utensils for the kitchens prior to the opening of the fellowship hall.  Other items for the Church Trustees to consider allocating funds for in the future are new dining tables for the assembly room, tables and chairs to finish the conference room, new signage for the fellowship hall, and sound boards for the assembly rooms.

    There are more volunteer opportunities coming: roofing the carport, landscaping, general cleanup, painting the kids loft, filling nail holes in trim; these jobs will be announced with as much advance notice as possible. Thanks to all who have helped so far.



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    April Update

    We continue to be blessed as things are coming together nicely for the project.  The construction team has been focused on hanging and finishing drywall for the last month or so, and as that winds down painting work has begun in earnest.  This past week the main assembly room painting was completed, and in the week ahead the back hall, kitchen, and bride's room will be painted.  Drywall taping and finishing is winding up in the addition area in the next week and then those areas will be ready for paint as well.  Many thanks to the volunteers who have continued to help this project proceed smoothly.

    On the outside of the building changes keep coming with the warmer weather as well.  The first couple coats of dryvit have been applied under the windows.  Siding has been hung on the south and west sides of the addition.  The installation of the new concrete entry and the aluminum and glass entry doors on the main south entrance lets a flood of natural light into the back hall.

    If you have interest in seeing the work you can click here to view a photo album, or look up a building committee member and take a tour to see the work in person.  Thank you for your continued support and prayers.



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    Moving Right Along

    Well, time and this project are moving right along and it has been too long since this reporter posted an update for you.  The job site has been a busy place these last few weeks, and a handful of pictures of the work can be seen by clicking here.  

    Volunteers have been very busy hanging drywall on evenings and weekends, and that work is nearing completion with over 95% of the drywall hung in the new addition.  Today the fireplace was installed in the family gathering room, and volunteers have painted the mechanical closets so that the new air handlers can be installed next week.

    On the renovation side of the project a large portion of the kitchen floor was removed and the existing underground plumbing and heat ducts were replaced with new.  The floor has since been poured back in place, and new walls framed up.  The plumbers and electricians have completed roughing in their work for the new kitchen, drink preparation area, storage, and bride's room, and volunteers are beginning to hang drywall there as well.  

     There have been significant changes made to the existing south entry.  The windows and new widened door openings were cut in, flooding the room with natural light.  The unseasonably warm February weather allowed crews a chance to get the brick repaired around the new openings.  New tray ceilings are framed in above the waiting areas by the south entry and are ready for drywall.

    The project is progressing on budget and ahead of schedule, although at this point we do still plan to delay completion of several items until additional funding is secured.  With continued support from our volunteers we are on track to reopen the building early and have set a new goal to see if we can't dedicate it together at our annual Sunday School picnic at the end of June.  This would be a month sooner than was originally anticipated.

    There will continue to be opportunity for both skilled and unskilled volunteer labor as we work toward finishing this project together.  As I write this post, there have already been over 1300 hours of volunteer labor logged in support of this project.  Thank You to all!  It is incredibly humbling to witness our church family come together and work in unity and love.  Many prayers have been answered and the blessings of the Lord are evident in this work.

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    East Meets West!

    It has been a busy start to 2016.  The existing fellowship hall was taken out of service on Monday, January 3rd.  Contractor and volunteer crews immediately started on the interior demolition work. Furnishings, cabinetry, toilet fixtures, were all removed... some stored for later use and some distributed to local charities.  Walls and wall paper were removed, carpet pulled up, and the infamous curtain is no more.  By Friday, most of the interior demolition was complete and the building looks significantly different.  Click here for pictures of the building and crew in action, including one last photo op in front of the curtain!

    On the addition side of the project, plumbers and electricians have been working along side insulation crews getting ready for the installation of drywall, which started this week.  Since the new side has become air tight and able to hold some heat the openings from old to new were cut in... see photo above.

    Activities for the next few weeks include the following:  Drywall will be hung in the addition, concrete floors and plumbing is being removed and replaced in main kitchen and old bathrooms, followed by framing of new walls and ceiling on renovation side.  There will continue to be opportunities for volunteer help.  Please contact Mark Rocke if you are available.


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    Laying Brick

    We have been blessed with unseasonably warm December weather which has allowed crews to begin laying the exterior brick on the fellowship hall addition.  If the forecast holds, the brick work should be complete by Christmas.  Many thanks to the contractors and volunteers for their hard work to make this happen!  Click here to view pictures of the crew at work.

    Inside of the building, plumbers and electricians continue to work to get ready for insulation and drywall.  At this point it appears we will be looking for volunteers to help hang drywall starting the second week of January.  We continue to prepare for a strong volunteer effort starting Monday January 4th to do demolition work in the existing building.  Stay tuned for updates and sign up sheets...


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    Congregation Update - December 6, 2015

    We are three months into the construction phase of our fellowship hall project and we have been blessed as the project is currently on schedule and within budget. With the roof complete and most of the windows installed we are in a good place going into winter. Currently contractors are working on installation of the electrical, plumbing, heating and ventilation equipment. As they complete their work over the next few weeks we will be able to move on to putting up insulation and hanging drywall. We have had great support from our volunteers already, and will be able to use volunteer help again to hang the drywall later this month. There will be many more opportunities for volunteer help as we begin to work in the existing building starting January 4th. At this point we expect to need 10-15 volunteers each day for the first couple weeks of the new year as we begin the demolition work in the existing building. More detailed information on these opportunities will be provided in the upcoming weeks.

    Later this month we plan to put up some sample boards and drawings showing the interior finish plans for your review. There will be an opportunity for the congregation to provide feedback and a vote of support. On next Sunday December 13th, after the Sunday School Christmas Program the project will be open for self guided tours. We plan to post pictures in each of the main areas and committee members will be present to answer your questions.

    Construction costs are coming in as expected with no major surprises, and overall the project is in a sound financial position as we continue to manage our costs to stay within budget. As costs and funds both continue to come in we will be able to make informed choices on if and when to proceed with items that have been identified for possible delay, such as finishing of the conference room, outdoor terrace area, and parking lot lighting. Many thanks to all who have pledged and given donations, we have received 80% of our 2015 pledge money thus far. A special thanks to Congerville Apostolic Christian Church for their sizable donation to the project. Thanks to all for your continued support and prayers.

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    Line upon line...

    We continue to be blessed with good weather and great efforts from our contractors and many volunteers.  On Monday, November 9th thru Wednesday, November 11th crews were able to shingle the entire roof of the existing building and addition.  Please click here to view pictures of the shingling in process.   As was shared with the Sunday School students last Sunday, the shingling process is a great visual example of Isaiah 28:10 "...line upon line, line upon line..."

    Windows and doors are scheduled to come in next week and we expect to have the new addition weather tight before Thanksgiving.  If the nice weather continues we plan to start laying brick in the next few weeks.

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    Many Hands Make Light Work

    Thank you to so many of you who spent your morning yesterday helping with the Fellowship Hall project! We had more than 55 volunteers show up to help remove about 115 squares of old shingles, install underlayment, and stock the roof with 800 bundles of new shingles for use in the week ahead. The old shingles were off in about 2-1/2 hours and by noon the work was finished and we enjoyed lunch together at the church. A special thank you to the young men and women of our Bible Class and Sunday School for their willingness to help. What a blessing it is for us to witness the way our church family works together!

    We plan to start installation of the new shingles on Monday morning and will be able to use volunteers each day until the roof is complete. Please contact Bro Denny Blunier or Mark Rocke if you are able to help.

    To view pictures from the work day, click here.

    To view a time lapse video of the work day, click here.

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    Tearing off the roof

    We continue to be blessed with great weather and a talented work force.  The past week has seen much activity, with framing progress on the walls and roof moving along ahead of schedule, The accelerated progress created an opportunity for a last minute volunteer work day on Saturday morning, October 24th.  

    Over 25 volunteers met at 7:00 in the morning, and after a quick breakfast of cinnamon rolls and breakfast pizza they went to work tearing shingles off of the west roof of the existing fellowship hall.  Click on the following links to see the crew in action on the north and south sides of the roof.  What a great visual example of how "many hands make light work".  It was a great turnout and the crew was able to complete the tear-off and install the roof underlayment by 10:30, just in time to clean things up for an early lunch.

    If the good weather and progress continues, we expect to have another opportunity for volunteer help coming up on Saturday November 7th to tear off the remaining shingles.  We are going to be looking for a crew of 40 or more for this project, as there is quite a bit more roof to do.  We then would plan to install the new shingles the week of November 9th.  We will be looking for volunteer crews of 10 or more each day that week to help with the shingling.  If you are able to help, please contact Brothers Dennis Blunier or Mark Rocke.

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    Framing Begins

    Last week we were able to finish laying up the block walls of the restrooms and reinforced them to serve as a storm shelter in the completed building.  Crews laid metal decking across the walls and the concrete cap was poured after electrical, plumbing, and heating were roughed in.  As the week came to a close preparations were made to begin framing the walls and roof. 

    On Monday morning October 12th, work crews began to stand up the wood framed walls of the new addition.  Over the next days and weeks you can expect to see the building addition rapidly take shape as the walls and roof are framed up.  Come back here regularly to see photos of the framing progress.

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    Week 5 Progress

    As we turn the calendar to October our project is progressing well, with highly visible changes from week to week.  In the past week crews were able to pour the concrete floor, remove the soffit from the existing building, and begin laying the block restroom walls.  For pictures of the volunteers and construction crews in action, click here.

    In the coming week we expect to finish laying the block walls for the restrooms and reinforce them to serve as a storm shelter for the building.  Metal decking will be laid across the walls and then concrete poured to form a cap over the storm shelter, which will be the floor of the kid's loft.  If we continue to be blessed with good progress and fair weather we could see wall and roof framing start as soon as late next week.

    Thanks for your continued prayerful support.

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    Week 4 Update

    We continue to be blessed with great weather and good progress on our project.  Over the last two weeks the underground electrical and plumbing work has been completed.  Crews have prepared the site for pouring the floor.  We plan to pour the floor the week of September 28th, followed by demolition of the overhang and soffit where the addition attaches to the existing building.  Crews will then begin to lay the block walls of the restrooms which will serve as a storm shelter in the finished building.

    Many thanks to the hard working contractors and volunteers who have given of their time and talents in the first month of our building project.  We will continue to utilize volunteer help wherever possible as we build our fellowship hall together.


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    Week 2 Progress

    The second week of our project was shortened by Labor Day on Monday and a rain day on Tuesday.  Despite the short week, good progress was made and the project remains on schedule.  Foundation walls and interior footings were poured on Wednesday afternoon.   The concrete forms were then removed and back-filling around the foundation was completed on Friday.

    The plans for the week of September 14th are to complete the electrical and plumbing underground work.  If we are blessed with good weather and progress again this week we then plan to pour the floor the week of September 21st.   

    Parents, our Sunday School children were reminded this past Sunday morning to respect the fenced area and keep out of it for their safety.  We ask that you please continue to reinforce this message at home.  

    Thanks again to each of you for your part in this project.  Watching things progress on a project like this is such a great reminder that we each have a purpose and function within the body of Christ!  Just as it takes talents from many different trades working together to build this building, we all have our individual talent and part to play in building God's kingdom and spreading the Gospel message of Jesus Christ.  May our work continue to be a reflection of Him for all the world to see!

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    Week 1 Progress

    Our project was blessed with great weather during the first week of construction.  Nobody needed their jackets while the site excavation was completed, footings were formed and poured, and the foundation walls were formed up.  

    We are right on schedule, and next week as weather permits the foundation walls are scheduled to be poured, and underground work for plumbing and electrical should begin.

    Many thanks to all for your continued prayers and support!

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    And We're Off...!

    On Saturday morning 8/29/15 the building committee met with our contractors to kick off the project.  We shared a Contractor Information Packet with the team and passed out "For Construction" building plans. The information packet included job site and financial information as well as an initial schedule of milestone project dates.  The schedule is a live plan and will continue to be updated as work progresses.

    Work officially began on Monday morning, August 31st,  as a crew from Lone Wolf Concrete began excavation of the existing concrete parking lot to make way for the new addition.  We appreciate the many prayers that have been given for this project, and ask that you continue to pray for the Lord's direction, blessings, and safety of the work crew.

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    Volunteer Demolition - August 15th, 2015

    Our first opportunity for volunteer help on the Fellowship Hall was Saturday morning, August 15th 2015.  More than 20 volunteers pitched in to relocate air conditioner units, remove landscaping, and remove and clean brick from the west side of the existing building.  Over 1000 brick were cleaned and saved for use on the finished building. Many thanks to all involved for their hard work!

    To view photos of the team in action, click here.

  • 2015 July 5 Update

    Bro. Darrell Stoller gave an update to the congregation on the status of the building project.  The committee provided a handout for everyone to take.

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