2015 May 24 Announcements

VBS is scheduled for June 1-3-5. There is a signup sheet at the message center to bring pies for Friday night. There will also be a collection for the New Hope Children's Home in Jamaica which Sis. Erin Davis is involved with. Boxes will be at the doors for baby lotion, shampoo, wipes, formula, and diapers and a monetary collection will also be taken. Please put checks in the boxes marked New Hope Children's Home. May God bless you for your continued support for our mission in Jamaica.

From Sis. Carolyn Knapp:
*Anyone bringing snacks for VBS can check the sheet in the back hall so they know what classroom to drop them off in. Since each grade has a lesson room and craft room, this means they probably won’t be in their usual Sunday School room for their lesson. The sheet at the message center has it all spelled out. Also, many people have come to me saying they signed up but can’t remember for what night. So the signup sheet is full but I will keep it at the message center (with post-it notes) for those who forget or have forgotten.
*There is also a list of all the teachers and craft helpers for each class. If parents are wondering who their children will be in the care of every evening, they can find that out there.
*Every grade (except 6th and 8th) will be using paint during craft time. It would help if every child could bring an old shirt of their father's with their name marked inside.

The medical committee of world relief would like all those with health care occupations to enroll on the world relief website. There is a letter at the message center with more information.

The Apostolic Christian Home will begin their Junior Volunteer Program for the summer months. This program is open to any student entering 7th grade through High School. Any student wishing
to become a Junior Volunteer, or anyone wanting more information on the program, should contact Lisa Banwart at the nursing home by Thursday, May 28th.

The Silver Lining is preparing a special section in the publication featuring stories of brethren who have served as non-combatants in the military. The goal is to share accounts of God’s faithfulness through challenging times, and remind each other of this important and distinctive Apostolic Christian practice. To share your story – or a loved one’s story – please send it to editor@acsilverlining.org or give it to your Silver Lining correspondent by June 15. May God be glorified as we exhort and encourage one another.

Congratulations to our High School graduates: Levi Bauman, Serena Bauman, Louis Berardi, Kailee Getz, Wade Gregorie, Allison Hinrichsen, Seth Rieke, Tyler Rocke, Haley Rokey, Brock Wiegand, Cole Wiegand, John Wiegand, and Whitney Wiegand

Please be prayerful for Bro. Matt Thornton as he was in a car accident last Tuesday morning. He was hit head on in a collision. He is at St. Francis hospital and has a bruise on his brain. He will be in the hospital for quite some time.

Please pray for bro Gary Allen as he is going in for some surgery on Tuesday.

We are very thankful to announce that Gage and Serena Bauman (Bro. Rick and Sis. Stacie) have heard the call from God and have come by faith with a broken, repentant heart and are ready for baptism. Please pray for them and encourage them during this most important time in their lives. If you have any words of encouragement or concerns please contact them. We are so thankful that God is still patient and calling souls to repentance and conversion.