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May Update

God's promises are true and everlasting.  His blessing has been evident throughout this project and as we near completion we praise Him.  Click here to view photos of the work in progress.

The project is on track for completion in late June and the first planned event is the Sunday School / All Church picnic on June 26th. Work is proceeding well, but with a lot to accomplish in the next 6 weeks.  We are planning a Dedication Service and Open House on Sunday afternoon, July 24th. More details will follow soon.

The remodel of the existing Fellowship Hall is nearly completed. This includes updates to electrical and structural systems, exterior doors and soffit, and a major update to insulation that was discovered during the remodeling project.

Painting is complete; cabinets, ceiling tiles, and vinyl floors are installed; and floors are prepped for carpet installation which will start in the coming week. Counter tops will be measured in the coming week and the full set of appliances delivered the first week of June. The folding chairs in main assembly will be replaced. There will be an opportunity to purchase the old folding chairs.

The new addition will be ready for use and furnished including new restrooms, nursery, family gathering area, Harvest Call room, conference room, kids loft, warming kitchen, outdoor terrace with grill area, fire pit, landscaping and playground.

In the new addition, some painting is complete; vinyl flooring will be installed starting Monday 5/16; some cabinets are installed, and some light fixtures are installed.

A major update is the audio/visual system which has a projector and screen in family gathering room, and includes a hearing aid system in main assembly and family gathering room that uses proven technology that works directly with most hearing aids.

The Church Trustees will provide new dishes and utensils for the kitchens prior to the opening of the fellowship hall.  Other items for the Church Trustees to consider allocating funds for in the future are new dining tables for the assembly room, tables and chairs to finish the conference room, new signage for the fellowship hall, and sound boards for the assembly rooms.

There are more volunteer opportunities coming: roofing the carport, landscaping, general cleanup, painting the kids loft, filling nail holes in trim; these jobs will be announced with as much advance notice as possible. Thanks to all who have helped so far.