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Tearing off the roof

We continue to be blessed with great weather and a talented work force.  The past week has seen much activity, with framing progress on the walls and roof moving along ahead of schedule, The accelerated progress created an opportunity for a last minute volunteer work day on Saturday morning, October 24th.  

Over 25 volunteers met at 7:00 in the morning, and after a quick breakfast of cinnamon rolls and breakfast pizza they went to work tearing shingles off of the west roof of the existing fellowship hall.  Click on the following links to see the crew in action on the north and south sides of the roof.  What a great visual example of how "many hands make light work".  It was a great turnout and the crew was able to complete the tear-off and install the roof underlayment by 10:30, just in time to clean things up for an early lunch.

If the good weather and progress continues, we expect to have another opportunity for volunteer help coming up on Saturday November 7th to tear off the remaining shingles.  We are going to be looking for a crew of 40 or more for this project, as there is quite a bit more roof to do.  We then would plan to install the new shingles the week of November 9th.  We will be looking for volunteer crews of 10 or more each day that week to help with the shingling.  If you are able to help, please contact Brothers Dennis Blunier or Mark Rocke.