2019 August 18 Announcements

Our collection boxes are open this month for Gateway Woods Children’s Home in Leo, IN.

Sis. Loretta Hess has moved to Washington Christian Village for a time during her recovery. Please be prayerful for sister Loretta. She would also appreciate any visitors.

The Elder Body is pleased to announce the debut of Around the Table, a podcast containing Christ-centered teaching and conversations from an Apostolic Christian perspective, available now on AC Central (you must update your AC central app). Our desire is that Apostolic Christian listeners will become more fully equipped through this audio teaching to fulfill our unique role in the body of Christ, for His kingdom and glory.

Around the Table is produced by Onward Media, a new Apostolic Christian communications organization which is forming now and will be fully active Jan. 2020. Onward Media will be responsible for Apostolic Christian Publications (the bookstore), The Silver Lining, AC Central, our national church website, and other existing and new content. For more information click-here or visit www.onwardmedia.org.

Sunday School begins September 8th. Please sign up 3 year olds in the back hall. Children are eligible if they are 3 by September 1 and potty-trained. See Sis. Serena Bauman or Sis. Becky Roberts with questions

Ramp Doors next Sunday (8/25):  Ted Taufer & Russell Wiegand