Local Outreach

Below is a list of Local Outreaches and the contacts for each one.

Click-here for a printable list including contact phone numbers.

Program CoordinatorDawn Maloney
AC Organizations 
Eureka Nursing Home
Bonnie Gerst
Gateway Woods
Craig & Marla Wiegand
Morton Timber RidgeJim & Joy Hohulin
 Community Orginizations
ADDWCTrish Gerber
Davenport School Volunteers/readersGretchen Zimmerman
Heart HouseGretchen Zimmerman
Diane Gregoire
Jane DesCarpentrie
Food Pantry
*Monthly unloading at the food pantry on the first Tuesday of each month 12:30 PM
*Fresh produce can be delivered to the food pantry on Wednesday by 9 AM
Terry Hart
Melissa Rokey
My Sisters HouseSam Moser
Gifts in the Moment-Fresh Food Van
Produce pickup in Eureka on Thursdays
Woodford County Housing AuthorityDiane Gregoire
 Community Services &
    Fund Raisers
 Materials Distribution CenterMelvin Blunier
 Rice Pilaf PackagingFred & Megan Rokey
 Local Red CrossNate Sauder
 Food BankBarry Kloter
 Haiti Hospital LumiereGreg & Jill Wagner
 Goodfield MissionsMolly Davis
 Loving Shepherd MinistriesWade & Hallie Wettstein
 Local School Benefits 
 Deer CreekNorm & Barb Ricketts
 GoodfieldDave & Pat Kuntz
 Personal Support 
 HousekeepingLila Wirtz
 TransportationJoyce Hohulin
 MealsFern Knapp
 Meals for new mothers/bedrest mothersTrish Gerber
Holly Bauman/Lisa Rieke