The history of the Goodfield Apostolic Christian Church dates back to 1888 when the Lake Erie and Western Railroad was built between Peoria and Bloomington. The village was then called Guthville in honor of John Guth who was a large land owner in the vicinity.

The Apostolic Christians in the area at that time worshipped at Slabtown (Mackinaw Dells) Church on Sunday and in the home of Brother Gottlieb Hohulin on Wednesday evenings. Because of travel conditions, it was decided to build a house of worship in Goodfield.

The Goodfield Church was completed in 1918. Much of the labor was donated. There were less than ten families and about 20 members attending the church. Those who were instrumental in supporting the new church were Brothers Samuel Hohulin, Peter Birkey, Joe Dreyer, Sam Goetzinger, Charlie Knapp, August Knapp, and John Plattner.

The first elder was Brother Barthol Rapp of Morton. The first minister was Brother Samuel Hohulin who had served as a minister at Mackinaw Dells. The first local elder was Brother Frank Woertz, who was ordained in 1948. Our next elder was Brother Edwin Hohulin who was ordained in 1967. Brother Ed was followed by Elder Brother Bob Grimm in 1982. Brother Bob passed away suddenly in 1992. Brother Wes Knapp was ordained elder in 1993, retiring in 2002. Brother Bruce Hohulin was ordained elder on March 10, 2002. Our current elder is Brother Jeff Grimm who was ordained on February 23, 2013.

Other ministering brothers up to the present time were Simon Wiegand Sr., Chris Bucher, Leo Grusy, William Hermann, Fred Hermann, John Rokey, Edmund Kloter, Willis Wiegand, Nate Wieland, Wayne Wiegand and Jaye Rinkenberger.

From 1918 to 1961, the Goodfield assembly grew until an addition was needed and subsequently built. On February 28, 1961, ground was broken for a new assembly room with a seating capacity of 330. A basement dining room was also added onto the remaining structure. Dedication for this new house of worship was held on June 17, 1962. Our ministering brothers were Edwin Hohulin and John Rokey. Our hearts were earlier saddened by the loss of our fourth ministering brother, Simon Wiegand, Sr. who passed away April 1, 1962.

There became a great need for an assembly hall for hymn singings, weddings, receptions, and other related activities. In 1973, the Goodfield Apostolic Fellowship Hall was built. Located just north of our church, it incorporated the use of our existing parking lot. It had a seating capacity of 300 persons. Again our brethren donated a great deal of their labor, materials, and money. The fellowship hall was dedicated September 23, 1973.

The biggest challenge for the Goodfield congregation came in 1980 because the facilities of the church had again become inadequate. In March of 1980, ground was broken and the task of building and remodeling was begun. This building program was to provide a church with the following seating capacities: assembly 525, dining room for 190, and Sunday School for 250. Many tears were shed as the wrecking crew tore down the original building of 1918, which was so lovingly built by those few brethren some six decades before. The 1961 addition was retained and used as the basis for the new structure that was erected to the west and north of it. Much volunteer labor was performed by many members and friends under the direction of the building committee. Open house for the new sanctuary was held June 14, 1981. Dedication services were held June 28, 1981.

In 1983, the outside ramp was enclosed, providing a safer entrance during inclement weather. This addition to the west side of the church included a canopy and a lounge for the elderly and handicapped. Previous donations covered the cost of this project.

In the spring of 1993, we felt it necessary to enlarge our fellowship hall. It was expanded to the east adding 3500 square feet. This increased its seating capacity to about 500. The former structure was completely remodeled which included a new entrance and canopy to the south. This expansion was very needful for congregational growth and very timely because we hosted the 1993 Brotherhood Conference.

The Lord has surely blessed the many people who have attended the Goodfield Apostolic Christian Church. The size of the congregation has increased many times since erection of the 1918 structure. We praise God for providing the material means for building a church to accommodate this growth.