Sexual purity is not an option for an obedient Christian, it’s a requirement.  God’s will is centered on our character and moral purity much more than on our circumstances, such as job, housing and schooling.  In this day and time, satan is working over-time to derail us from staying true, but Christ is greater…..and victory is available through Him.  We have organized a group of individuals that truly love the Lord, and care for the spiritual well-being of all mankind.  They are available at any time to visit and offer help in ‘time of need’.  Total confidentiality and on-going accountability will be assured and followed through.  May we all join hand-in-hand with devotion to Christ……keeping “our heart with all diligence…” Proverbs 4:23

Please do not hesitate to call or e-mail one of the following:

Male Mentors

Female Mentors

Nathan Wiegand (309) 303-2381
Susie Wyss  (309) 264-5738
Kent Wiegand (309) 445-0400
Laura Wiegand (309) 261-2753
Jeff Wiegand (309) 303-4711
Lanae Wiegand (309) 360-9626
Ty Taufer (309) 370-1826
Janel Wiegand (309) 530-4114
Dan Schumacher  (309) 208-3691
Brenna Taufer (309) 339-4381
Cody Schumacher (309) 208-1442
Abbie Schumacher (309) 261-3928
Jedd Rocke (309) 448-2207
Marsha Rocke (309) 369-8364
Jeff Grimm (309) 696-3232
Teri Hinrichsen (309) 696-1280

Ruth Grimm (309) 696-1155

Links to helpful information:

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Use of Technology

Sexual addiction and Pornography

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