Sunday School

Sunday School is made up of children from age 3 through high school. During morning services teachers instruct the younger students from Bible Story books and the older from the Bible. Additionally they enjoy a time of singing before and after the lesson.

Outside of Sunday worship, the students enjoy time together in a range of activities including food packing, clothes packing, ACTIVE/scripture memory classes some Wednesday evenings, annual picnic, and practice for the Annual Christmas and Easter programs. Students also enjoy connecting with students in Mexico and Haiti through our church's Child Sponsorship Program.

High school students are a part of ACYF (Apostolic Christian Youth Fellowship) and they have many activities including evenings of singing with other Illinois AC high school students, mission trips and local service projects.

Current Teachers

3 Year Olds
 Becky Roberts
 Serena Bauman

 Mallory Bauman 
 Kitty Herrmann

  Brittany Zeltwanger
  Melissa Rokey

1st Grade
 Jamie Rokey
 Kayla Wiegand

2nd Grade
Christy Wiegand
  Paula Stoller

3rd Grade
Nate Bauman
 Wade Wettstein

4th Grade
 Loren Schock
 Arlen Edelman

5th Grade
Jared Schieber
  Cody Schumacher

6th Grade
Alex Knepp
 Ryan Knapp

7th Grade
Mike Zimmerman
  Chris Schmidgall

8th Grade
Royce Schieler
  Erik Wiegand

  Kevin Wiegand
  Adam Rocke

Darrell Stoller
 Luke Rocke

Nate Sauder