2019 January 6 Announcements

The collection for the month of January is for our HarvestCall Disaster Relief fund. This church collection is to provide readily available funds in anticipation of a disaster occurring later in the calendar year. Examples include tornadoes, earthquakes, floods, or other national or local disasters similar to what happened to Washington or where our Harvestcall work teams have been.

For our 2019 Church Bible Study, we are focusing on “Walking in the Teachings of the Holy Scriptures”. This study is open to all and has been such a blessing to build spiritually deep relationships within our church body! Please sign up at the information center.

HarvestCall activities will be held at the Fellowship Hall on Tuesday from 9-noon. Babysitting will be provided. Please come join us!

It is our turn for singing at Life Points this coming Friday. Everyone is welcome and encouraged to come. It starts at 7pm. Bro. Jeff and Sis. Janel Wiegand will be coordinating the evening.  We are inviting the young group to attend this singing in place of the young group Bible study.

We will also be singing at the Eureka Home this Saturday starting at 6:45pm.

The Silver Lining  has been featuring special topical sections with submissions from our readers. You are encouraged to contribute. The next topic is: What have you learned about experiencing peace in an unstable world? Please send your contributions (length: no more than 600 words) on this topic to  features@acsilverlining.org by Feb 15, 2019 . For questions or assistance, contact Bro. Samuel Manz at the email address above. Please consider helping to make this upcoming section of the Silver Lining a blessing to our readers.

Gateway Woods has several opportunities for service minded individuals who desire to make an impact for Christ.  Ministering to the fatherless and widows, which in our case are troubled youth and fractured families, is part of our churches mission through Gateway Woods.  The work is challenging as we seek to help children and families achieve their God-given potential rooted on a firm foundation in Christ.  We come to you as a national church ministry that seeks all employees from within the  brotherhood.  There are opportunities for house-parents, house parent supervisor, mentoring coordinator, and teacher.  More information is posted at the information center and will be emailed out this week.

We plan to have normal Wednesday evening services this Wednesday instead of the topical as we plan to have a “how to respond and pray thru being called to mission work at home and abroad” at the Fellowship Hall on Wednesday, January 23rd. Bro. Erik and Sis. Carrie along with Bro. Kurt and Sis. Joan will be teaching us. We also plan to have ACCFS come and speak about mentoring and how we can be equipped to help others grow stronger in Christ. This will also be held at the Fellowship Hall and will be Wednesday evening January 30th.

We rejoice with Bro. Cody & Sis. Abbie Schumacher as they we blessed with a baby boy named Mahlon Walter on January 5th.