2019 November 17 Announcements

Our monthly collection is for the Eureka Home. We are thankful to have a wonderful place that cares deeply for our loved ones. Please consider supporting the home this month.

We are having the Adult Bible study series at the Fellowship Hall this month each Sunday morning starting at 10am. Bro. Nathan plans to teach. Please feel free to invite a friend or neighbor.

Women Helping Women - evening event for Goodfield Church women will be this Tuesday, November 19 at the Fellowship Hall from 6:30 pm to 9:00 pm.  Please join us as we get together for a dinner, followed by cutting and tying fleece blankets for the Empower Life Center (formally the Women's Pregnancy Center) at the Fellowship Hall. We will also be collecting items for the layette kits the center gives to newborns whose mom has come to the center (See details below).  All ages who can participate and are welcome (moms can decide if their young daughter is old enough to come.) Please see Sis. Brittany Zeltwanger or Ellie Gramm if you have any questions.

Below we have listed the items for the layette kits. Most of the women served by the Empower Life Center do not receive a baby shower before having a new baby. They really look forward to receiving the layette kits while they’re still in the hospital, and the center can always use kits or even single items donated! All items need to be new. If you would like, you can make a kit by yourself or make one with another person or group of people or just bring in a few items. EVERYTHING will be used by babies who are fearfully and wonderfully made by our Savior!

2 bottles with nipples

1 blanket sleeper

3 pairs of socks

1-2 outfits

2 sleepers

2 bibs

4 onesies

2 receiving blankets


3 misc. (toy, baby spoon, sippy cups, etc)

reg. size pkg. diapers (NB or size 1)

2 toiletries (shampoo, wash, diaper cream, etc—no powder)

**If you bring a completed kit, please decide if it will be for a boy or girl.

**All clothing items should be NB or 0-3 month sizes

**Other items needed: Infant or Newborn Enfamil— DIRE NEED, reg. size pkg. diapers (NB,1,4,5)

There will be ACTIVE this Wednesday evening.

Bro. Kent will be covering our last conference topic (Ye are the Salt of the Earth) this Wednesday evening.

All church Christmas caroling will be Friday, December 6th at 6pm. Sign-up sheets are at the message center. Please see Sisters Sarah or Ashley Schieler with any questions.

We plan to have the fall memorandum on Sunday afternoon December 1st. Bro. Bruce Endress plans to be with us.

We are planning to have testimonies and baptisms for Doug Glueck and Savannah and Jonas Wiegand on January 25-26th. Bro. Lynn Stieglitz plans to be with us.

It is planned that Lillian will be returned home on December 20th. Bro. Ross and Sis. Kitty and their family would really appreciate your prayers.

Bro. Wayne Banwart (elder in Champaign) was diagnosed with pancreatic cancer recently.  He’s been going through treatments but as you know that’s a very serious disease.  Please be very prayerful for the Champaign church and Bro. Wayne.  This could affect our church in another way as Wayne and the brothers there have asked Bro. Jeff Grimm to help in Champaign if need be.  They do have an ordained deacon, Bro. Brian Waibel and we are prayerful that maybe they will begin the elder process there the beginning of the year. Depending on how things go for Wayne they might need some additional help from Bro. Jeff & Sis. Ruth.  Bro. Jeff will keep us informed.

Bro. Frank Sauder (Roanoke) contacted Bro. Jeff Grimm, Bro. Trent Meiss (Eureka), and Bro. Zach Anderson & Bro. Rick Plattner (Congerville) and they’ve agreed as 4 local churches that there will be an announcement in this week’s Thursday Woodford County Journal letting people know that we have church services on Thanksgiving Day and that they are welcome to attend any of the four churches.

Note from Frank Sauder to the churches:

I am sad that a day that has been historically set aside to give God thanks is now focused on feasting, watching football and Black Friday shopping.  The greatest disappointment is that hardly any churches offer a worship service on Thanksgiving Day.  While those in our communities know that we meet on Sunday and Wednesday night, they are not aware that we have continued the tradition of worshiping on Thanksgiving Day even though it has been pretty much discontinued throughout Woodford County and the nation.  I think it would be a blessing to make it known that worship on Thanksgiving Day is important and that all are welcome.

Let’s welcome any and all who may attend with us especially if we get some extra visitors and show them the love of Jesus Christ.

Sunday School item for November:  Office/Computer Paper (ADDWC)

Ramp Doors next Sunday (11/24):  Matt Grimm & Robert Rokey