2019 October 13 Announcements

Our collection for the month of October is for HarvestCall. HarvestCall has been commissioned by the Elder Body to enable the church to proclaim Christ and serve others in ways that are beyond the capacity of local congregations. The needs are great and your generosity allows us to fund the various missions in Mexico, Haiti, Jamaica, Europe, the U.S., and other places. Thank you for your faithful prayers, service and financial support.

There is going to be an Awareness Tour to Jamaica January 17-21. We will be visiting the places HarvestCall is involved with on the island. If you are interested in more information please contact Bro. Alan or Sis. Joanne Roth.

Please be prayerful for our missionaries in Haiti as there have been widespread demonstrations and roadblocks due to the political unrest. Around 20 of our 37 missionaries have returned home temporarily. The ministries are not being abandoned but will operate with a reduced missionary staff.

Clothing donations are needed at our distribution center in Goodfield. If anyone has clothing that you are willing to donate please deposit them in the distribution center drop box.

We have put together a display of the Bible studies that we sell at AC Publications back at the information center.  Please feel free to take them for personal Bible study.  You can acquire more copies of them online or at the publications store.  You can put a donation in the church collection box if you wish to.  They are about $10 a piece.

Rotating Potluck is a great way to get involved and get to know our church family even better. It’s time to sign up for 2020. You can sign up to host or just sign up to come, either way is great! There is a signup at the message center. Any questions please see Sisters Joni Zacha or Jennifer Stoller.

The Home Benefit Dinner will be at 6 p.m., Saturday evening, Oct. 26, at the Fellowship Hall.  Tickets are available at the Home and we encourage everyone of all age to attend the dinner.  (The singing group will be Praising Hymn, a young adult group from Eureka.)

The Apostolic Christian HarvestCall benefit auction for Hospital Lumiere is planned for Friday, November 8 at Five Points in Washington. The food court and silent auction start at 4:30. The live auction begins at 7:00. For more information, or to donate an item or service, see the announcement on the church bulletin board or visit the HarvestCall website.   There is a "wish List" on Amazon if you would like to purchase directly for the auction.  At 'check out', choose Rich Bertschi's address to ship directly to him at Sam Leman Chevrolet dealership in Eureka;  https://www.amazon.com/hz/wishlist/ls/251URYXGTG4IN?ref_=wl_share You can also contact Rich Bertschi (309) 440-8012 or lemangm@mtco.com. If you have any questions you can contact Bro. Greg and Sis. Jill Wagner.

Bro. Kurt Plattner will be conducting the convert classes this month.  He is planning to teach on lessons 9 & 10.  The next class will be in two weeks, on Sunday, October, 27.

There will be ACTIVE this Wednesday evening.

Bro. Jedd will be focusing on the 3rd and 4th beatitudes from the conference speakers this Wednesday.  Please take the time to listen to Bros Randy Kellenberger and Tom Stock speak on Blessed are the meek and Blessed are those who hunger and thirst after righteousness.

For your info here is our schedule -

October 16th:  Bro. Jedd cover Bro. Randy Kellenberger and Bro. Tom Stock

October 23rd:  Bro. Kurt cover Bro. Ken Wuethrich and Bro. John Laukhuf

October 30th:  RGMMI presentation

November 6th:  Bro. Nate cover Bro. Randy Gudeman and Bro. Craig Martin

November 13th:  Bro. Jedd topical Bible study

November 20th:  Bro. Kent cover Bro. Mark Streitmatter

The 6th grade Sunday School Fall Cookout will be at Bro. Arlen and Sis. Marissa Edelman's house (217 Reaba Ave, Congerville, IL 61729) Oct. 26th at 4:30 PM - 8ish PM. We ask that parents drop off your 6th grader and we will bring them home.

Wednesday, October 30th Bro. Brad & Sis. Debbie Braker of the Rural Gospel Medical Missions of India will be at the Fellowship Hall presenting the missions of the Apostolic Christian Church in India. This will be in place of our regular Wednesday evening services.

Women Helping Women - evening event for Goodfield Church women will be on Tuesday, November 19 , 2019 at the Fellowship Hall from 6:30 pm to 9:00 pm.  Please join us as we get together for a dinner, followed by cutting and tying fleece blankets for the Empower Life Center (formally the Women's Pregnancy Center) at the Fellowship Hall. We will also be collecting items for the layette kits the center gives to newborns whose mom has come to the center (See details below).  All ages who can participate and are welcome (moms can decide if their young daughter is old enough to come.) If you plan to come, please sign up in the back hall by Nov. 10th.  Please see Sis. Brittany Zeltwanger or Ellie Gramm if you have any questions.

Below we have listed the items for the layette kits. Most of the women served by the Empower Life Center do not receive a baby shower before having a new baby. They really look forward to receiving the layette kits while they’re still in the hospital, and the center can always use kits or even single items donated! All items need to be new. If you would like, you can make a kit by yourself or make one with another person or group of people or just bring in a few items. EVERYTHING will be used by babies who are fearfully and wonderfully made by our Savior!

2 bottles with nipples

1 blanket sleeper

3 pairs of socks

1-2 outfits

2 sleepers

2 bibs

4 onesies

2 receiving blankets


3 misc. (toy, baby spoon, sippy cups, etc)

reg. size pkg. diapers (NB or size 1)

2 toiletries (shampoo, wash, diaper cream, etc—no powder)

**If you bring a completed kit, please decide if it will be for a boy or girl.

**All clothing items should be NB or 0-3 month sizes

**Other items needed: Infant or Newborn Enfamil— DIRE NEED, reg. size pkg. diapers (NB,1,4,5)

Ramp Doors next Sunday (10/20): Keith Leman & Jeff Grimm

Sunday School Item for October: Toilet Paper (Heart House)