2019 January 20 Announcements

The collection for the month of January is for our HarvestCall Disaster Relief fund.  This church collection is to provide readily available funds in anticipation of a disaster occurring later in the calendar year.  Examples include tornadoes, earthquakes, floods, or other national or local disasters similar to what happened to Washington or where our HarvestCall work teams have been.

The church call in system has been fixed.  There is a new PIN # to use.  The phone number HAS NOT changed.  It remains the same at 866-939-8416.  The new PIN # for participant access is 5142853 #

Nursing home drivers can pick up a copy of the new schedule at the information center.

There is a blood drive planned at the Fellowship Hall on Monday the 21st from 1-6pm. Please contact Sis. Lynda Hinrichsen if you would like to make an appointment.

The young group girls Bible Study will be held this coming Tuesday evening starting at 7:00 in the Gathering Room.  We  are anticipating an inspiring evening as we begin a three-part pod-cast series on apologetics.  Please bring your Bibles.

The young group guys Bible study will be at the same time at Bro. Dan and Sis. Heidi Schumacher’s home.

We plan to have a “How to respond and pray thru being called to mission work at home and abroad” presentation at the Fellowship Hall on Wednesday, January 23rd.  Bro. Erik and Sis. Carrie along with Bro. Kurt and Sis. Joan will be teaching us.

We also plan to have ACCFS come and speak about mentoring and how we can be equipped to help others grow stronger in Christ. This will also be held at the Fellowship Hall and will be Wednesday evening January 30th.

There will be a one gift wedding shower for Jessica Wiegand and Max Hodel in the Gathering Room on Tuesday, February 5th, from 7 to 8 pm. Please bring $5.00 to $10.00, a paper product and a recipe.

This is a save the date for the Bible Class Fundraiser. They are going to Sunset Gap, TN in June on a missions trip and will be having a fundraiser in the evening of Saturday, February 23. More details to come. Please save the date and plan to attend!

"Save the date"...Eureka Apostolic Christian Home breakfast & auction on Saturday, March 2nd.

Just a reminder that rotating potluck packets are ready for pickup at the message center. Please make sure to pick yours up today! Thanks! Sisters Jennifer Stoller and Joni Zacha

This week we will be sending out the ballots for Sunday school teachers this year.  As you receive your ballot, please be prayerful about selecting the names for Sunday school teachers.  We will have a list of eligible brothers and sisters that will go out with that.  Please have them mailed back by February 2nd.

Our friend Ed Kennedy’s father recently passed away on Thursday, Jan. 17th. Please remember Ed and Jill and their family in your prayers.