2019 June 30 Announcements

Our collection for the month of June is for our local area relief projects. Thanks to all of you for the efforts that have been put forth in this area. All of the different projects areas that we are involved in are listed in our Church directory or on the website. If you have any questions or would like to be more involved, please see Sis. Dawn Maloney.

Roanoke Church is hosting HavestCall's Proclaim and Serve 2019 mission conference on Saturday, July 20th. This conference is not just about what HarvestCall is currently doing. It is also about learning together how we as individuals and as a church can better understand and apply the Great Commission.  Preregistration is required and it can be done at ProclaimandServe.org    

The Gateway Woods benefit auction is coming up on Saturday, August 3rd. If you would be willing to donate items or money toward items please see Bro. Erik Wiegand. Items can be dropped off at their house or brought to church.

ACCFS will host its next Cultivating Connections Marriage Conference at the Morton Church on Friday, October 18 & Saturday, October 19. Marriages of all ages are welcome. Due to space limitations, advanced registration is required. For more information and to register, please visit our website at: www.accounseling.org/marriageconference2019

Church prayer and encouragement opportunity.

We  are looking forward to the upcoming conference in August, and want to put out a plea for prayer.  Please pray for a peaceful and unifying month ahead where we can come together as a church family and glorify God in hosting this event.  Also, pray for the elders as a whole that the spirit will give wisdom and insight during their meetings.  Sis. Becky Roberts will be passing out names for specific individuals in the next few weeks.


We are asking all woman of our Goodfield Church to participate in writing small notes of encouragement and prayers to the Elder's wives who will be attending the conference this year. These note cards will be given to them the week of the conference.  We want to express our love and appreciation by praying for them.   At the message center are the note cards to use, as well as  instructions for you.   This is something that all women and girls can do to help us connect on a personal, as well as spiritual level.   It will be very meaningful for all who receive one.  Thank you for considering this.  See Sis. Lanae Wiegand with any questions.

Ramp Doors next Sunday (7/7): Dave Zobrist & Jon Knapp