2019 September 22 Announcements

Our September collection is for Hospital Lumiere in Haiti.  

We plan to have convert classes this Wednesday, September 25 at 7:30pm. Bro. Nathan will conduct the class.

The young group girls’ Bible study will be this coming Tuesday evening in that Gathering Room starting at 7:00.  We will be covering part 3 of the Be Still and Know podcast series.  Please bring your Bibles, and hope to see you there.

The young group guys’ Bible study will be at Bros Gage and Roman Bauman’s home at the same time.

There will be a Blood drive Tuesday, October 1 at CNH from 6 a.m. to 12 p.m. You can pick up a flyer at the information center.

Our first ACTIVE of the year will start on Wednesday, October 2nd.

Please keep Gail Ames in your prayers as she has her second knee surgery done this Wednesday, September 25.

Sis. Mae Kelley has developed pneumonia and would appreciate the prayers of the church family.

Bro. Mike Hinrichsen suffered extensive burns yesterday and was transferred to Springfield Memorial Medical center. He and Sis. Gerri would like to thank the church family for your prayers and for continued prayers as the healing journey begins.

Over the past 6 years we have had the privilege to mentor and teach over 30 couples premarital counseling to strengthen their marriages. We have many strong marriages in our church family and would like to develop a ‘best practices’ list for all of us to learn from. For example: finding common hobbies to do together, praying out loud together each night, reading and discussing books on how to focus and apply biblical principles to your marriage, date nights etc . We would like to ask any married couple to share what they do to strengthen and help their marriage flourish. If you could email, text or call Bro. Jeff Grimm with this in the next few weeks it would be greatly appreciated. We will then communicate this to the church family.  Also, we are making the marriage binder used in our premarital counseling available for everyone to take at the back message center.  You are welcome to take these and encourage you to go through them together as a couple.  If you wish to have a mentor couple to share and teach with you, please let bro. Jeff know.  

I would also like to take this opportunity to thank each and every one of you for your personal ministries of sharing your time and talents with others in need, as well as praying for others and showing unconditional love.  May your spirit of authentic Christianity be blessed.

Thanks to all for giving of your time and talents as we hosted the conference together this year!  It is a blessing to work together as a church family as we glorify God by loving as Jesus loves.  A special thank you to the family hymn sing committee and all who helped provide the steak dinner Sunday evening.  In case you missed it, or if you would like to see it again, the slide show that was shared Sunday evening can be viewed by clicking here.

Note about lunch sign-up:

It has been more frequent that no one is signing up to put away clean glasses under the tables on Sunday. If you see glasses stacking up on the back counter, please consider helping to put them away.

Clean glasses are filled under the tables each Sunday.  Cups are put on top of the tables on Saturday by the family giving dinner.  

We rejoice with Adam & Kathy Herrmann as they were blessed with a baby girl, Quill Eileen on September 13th.

Ramp Doors next Sunday (9/29): Jedd Rocke & Max Hinrichsen

Sunday School item for September:  Shampoo (Heart House)